Writing Prompt: Despite previous encouragement, now he asked them to cease and desist.

And once again we return to the morning writing prompt. Brain’s ready to wake? All right, Time to shake off the sleep. Timer set and off we go. see you in fifteen.

Okay I have to admit, this was a bit of a beastly sentence for me. I think I spent a good half of my time trying to figure out what to link it to. Not one of my easiest attempts at putting words on the page, but I can honestly say my brain has been officially slapped away. working on my regular writing will seem easy peasy after this.

Thursday, October 15th: Despite previous encouragement, now he asked them to cease and desist.

Despite previous encouragement, now he asked them to cease and desist.  It was evident to him that their efforts were having a detrimental effect rather than a positive one. 

“Just a little while longer,” their leader asked.  He was less an appointed leader and merely the one of the crew least afraid of him.  While most of the world may half-forgotten him, anyone doing even a cursory research into him still trembled at his reputation.  Those working here did more than a cursory examination before taking his money and this job.  The fact that their head still considered arguing with him was something Michael found impressive.  He racked his brain to place a name with the bravado but came up with nothing.  Those here were not important enough for him to even bother learning their names.  They were simply here to do a job. 

This was one of the few times he second guessed himself.  Usually he had a plan. He determined the best course of action after studying all possible pathways to his goal.  Identified the threats to his plan and went forward.  Others called him ruthless, he merely thought of himself as goal oriented.  But here a misstep wouldn’t just cause him the need to eliminate his rival, it would remove the prize from his grasp.

“We’re through the worst of it now,” the man continued, somewhat braver as Michael remained quiet. “It always looks bad at this point, piles of spoil with no goal is site.  But I assure you we are on the right track.”

Michael narrowed his eyes and looked first at the dig site and then at the man in front of him.  “What makes you believe we are in the right place?” he asked.  Michael kept his tone clear and even.  He betrayed neither excitement nor angst.  He was neither eager nor exasperated. 

He watched the man in front of him take a deep breath and let it out slowly. He seemed pleased Michael was willing to listen to his reasoning. Michael’s estimation of him went up another notch as he didn’t immediately rush to the defense of the site but took a moment to mentally line up his arguments.

“Already we have found some smaller artifacts that lead me to believe we are in the right location,”  he began.  The ages match the stories we know…”

“Stories?” Michael asked.

“Research into the site brought up several stories related to others who have searched for the site and what they found.  Records of their excavations.  Some of the stories in our research matched the records you found on your own.  Looking over them I believe you were right in your estimation of which of the previous digs came the closest to the actual site and which were the ones we needed to look for evidence of.”

“So you have found that you are digging where someone else dug?” Michael pressed.  Again he doubted himself.

“Yes, but we have now passed where they stopped and we have begun finding relics of those who buried the site in the first place rather than those who came later to try and reclaim it.”

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