Writing Prompt: Despite his frown he was enormously relieved.

Happy Friday! For some reason this week felt exceedingly long and I for one am happy that it has finally approaching the weekend. There are no big plans here. The October fright fest movie marathon will continue at our place. The Vincent Price collection has been taken out and readied for watching and the popcorn is ready for popping. Saturday we begin our week of chillers, thrillers and of course the really bad monster movies. But first, there is Vincent Price.

And the rest of the work day of course. So lets get started. Pens ready? Timer’s set? See you in fifteen.

What I came up with is posted below. I have no idea what the business is, but at some point later it might be fun to find out.

Friday, October 23rd:  Despite his frown he was enormously relieved.

Despite his frown he was enormously relieved.  The money was less than he’d hoped for but it covered all of the necessary bits.  He would need to look at his budget, trim the ends and adjust.  It would be tight but it could be done.  He pulled out his file folder, opened it on the center of his desk and took out a spiral bound notebook.  The file contained as detailed a break out as he could manage. It was more break out then his budgets usually had and when he started breaking things down into the smallest of elements, he knew that he was using his budget as a way to stave off panic. Did he really need to know how much was spent on toilet paper and hand soap or could he just mark down the amount needed for restroom maintenance?  Hispanic caused him to write it down, every detail.  At the end, he was even measuring how much cleaning fluid was used each time the mirrors were cleaned.  It was then that he knew he had gone too far. If the loan didn’t come through…

But it had.  And now his panicked induced budget break down would stand him in good stead.  He knew down to the three sprays of cleaner per bathroom mirror how much was needed to run this place.  He also knew where he could trim without causing any noticeable issues.

“People aren’t going to be happy,” he mused as he looked over the list. There were plenty of excesses on the list that could be cut well before he started counting the spritz from the mirror cleaning.  In fact the cleaning budget was one of the last ones he would adjust.  Malcom had his department well in hand.  He was efficient without being ruthless and he kept control without resorting to being a controlling dictator.  Even if he did trim the cleaning and maintenance budget, George doubted Malcom would have much of an issue.  He would grumble, recognize the necessity and see how much he could tighten his departmental belt without causing issue. 

No George knew where the complaints would come from.  Lewis and Steven did not take budgets well to begin with.  Each was under the impression that they were the stars of the endeavor and that their budget should be unlimited.  Each also believed that their budget should be higher than the one the other one boasted. Their worth was measured in dollar amounts. 

‘Or at least their worth compared to each other.”  George ran a hand through his hair.  He knew that once they learned of the restrictions the dramatics would not be far behind.  There would be yelling, there would be threats to quit and take their talents elsewhere. George knew it would be a mess.  He also knew that it was necessary.  Their departments were the ones most padded with the fat that could be trimmed.  And while it was true in years past he had given in to their demands because they and their departments were necessary, this year, in addition to a restricted budget, he had an ace in the hole.  He glanced down to the desk drawer and couldn’t resist patting the closed front for reassurance.  This year, if they threatened to quit, George had options.  He hoped he wouldn’t have to use it, but as he couldn’t afford to give in to the histrionics, he would if he had to.

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t become necessary.”

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