Writing Prompt: The Blanket was as soft as a dream.

Morning all. I am looking forward to a full day of writing today. I have just a few items to check off my morning list and then I have a long stretch with nothing to do but write. I am very much looking forward to it. Most of this week was spent in checking items off a long list, most of them having nothing to do with actual writing. So I am super happy. So lets get today started shall we? Timers at the ready? Let the countdown commence!

I think this may actually tie into the character I worked on the other night. Definitely something to book mark.

Thursday, December 10th: The blanket was as soft as a dream.

The blanket was as soft as a dream.  After the last few days, Matt felt he deserved a little pampering and was happy to snuggle deep into its warmth.  The fact that the blanket was gumdrop pink with prancing unicorns who appeared to be vomiting rainbows for some reason he couldn’t fathom was immaterial.

He was happy to let such thoughts go for the moment. He closed his eyes so he couldn’t see the unicorns anymore. For the last week, he had run from crisis to crisis.  He put out fires, once even literally when someone’s ill advised holiday décor got out of hand.  Candle powered merry-go-rounds were fun and festive until too many drinks at the office party caused people to forget that fire burned.

‘That one got them in more than one way,’ he mused. 

Carol and Dennis imbibed too much at the gathering, forgot the decor and the fact that they were both married to other people and decided to give the time honored tradition of the office fling a go.  Papers were swept aside along with the lit candle.  Shortly after the desk was cleared, Dennis’ wife stopped by.  The results were not pretty and Matt ended up dousing them and the burning papers with the spray from the fire extinguisher.  How that scene ended up finishing he would have to ask someone when he was ready for the world to exist again. 

He was pulled from it to deal with the final event of the night.  ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back,’ he thought and then frowned at the thought. He didn’t like the image of seeing himself as a camel.  ‘And Kevin isn’t exactly a straw. Although the suck up part is apt.’

He gave up the quest for a more visually pleasing metaphor to sulk about Kevin.  At the height of the festivities, when Matt was physically and mentally spent from making certain everything was taken care of at the end of the year he was called to the big office.  The one their grandfather still occupied.  Every i was dotted and t crossed on all their contracts, their big clients happy and ready for the future.  The bonuses were given, the shifts rearranged for holiday vacations and everything set. Matt was ready for a little holiday time himself and was expecting a little praise and recognition to send him off.

Kevin came back from the golf course and both of them rode the elevator up to the big office.  Matt was still annoyed that Kevin refused to golf with one of their biggest clients who was currently in town and went off with his friends instead. The client’s game wasn’t up to Kevin’s lofty standards. In his annoyance, he didn’t notice the sly grin on his cousin’s face. If he had, he might have been better prepared. 

Their Grandfather kept it brief. That was the one bonus. He was retiring, effective immediately, and Kevin was his successor.  Kevin would run the company.  Matt would essentially be working for him. 

Matt remembered a white noise filling his ears.  He remembered saying the appropriate things, his body going through the expected reactions and his voice remaining cool and professional as he wished his grandfather a happy retirement and congratulated Kevin on his promotion.  He remembered leaving the office and he remembered standing on the sidewalk. 

Everything after that was something of a blur.  At the moment he wasn’t even certain where he was and how he managed to come by the vomiting unicorn covered blanket.

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