The Fifteen Minute Novel: Day 15

The Fifteen Minute Novel is a novel written fifteen minutes at a time with each week day’s section starting with the sentence from the previous day. At least it is attempting to be a novel. For now I am just aiming at one continuous story, worked on for fifteen minutes each day. Started Friday January 1st, 2021 (in case you want to search for the beginning. I can’t wait to see where it ends up. It could be good, or it could be a mess. We’ll have to see. For now, here is today’s fifteen minutes.

Thursday, January 21st, 2021: Day 15: James sat on the end of his bed and pulled his socks on.

James sat on the end of his bed and pulled his socks on. Je wiggled his toes and for a moment sat on the edge of the bed.  He drew in a deep breath and found something inside him relax at the feel of no scent of the safe house air remaining.  True the apartment smelled predominantly of industrial cleaners and fresh paint, but that was a different smell.

James exhaled and stood. He straightened the bed a little, pulling the sheet straight and making sure the pillow was more or less towards the top and kind of in the center. 

“Probably need some sort of blanket,” he said.  He tried to determine if he was cold in the night or not but couldn’t remember anything after he closed his eyes.  He was so relieved that the dreams didn’t come that any other factor didn’t register. 

“I suppose I’ll put it on the list,” he said.

James turned away and stepped into the hall.  He took two large steps and was through the hallway and into the Livingroom.  It hadn’t changed overnight.  As daylight was only slowly creeping over the horizon,. The room was shadowy and dark.  The shadows did it some favors.  The only light in the room came from the walkway lights outside his front door spilling in through the windows. 

James flipped the wall switch and yellowed artificial light spilled down.  He looked up and found the once white housing of the light fixture was yellowed by what looked like tabacco smoke.  The night before the only room he hadn’t checked out was the kitchen.  James stepped over to it now.  It was not a cook’s dream kitchen. 

There was a u shaped counter. In the middle of the U was placed a sink. Above the two sides of the u were upper cabinets. And at the far side of the u was a white refrigerator.  He opened the door and saw there was nothing inside.  It was as bare as the countertops.

James shut the fridge door. “So I’ll need some sort of food as well.”

At the moment James was missing coffee more than food as it was his usual breakfast of choice.  Coffee, one sugar dash of cream, brewed automatically and dispensed into his travel mug so it was ready for him when he woke.  He then grabbed the cup added the sugar and cream, stirred, clapped on the lid and was out of the door.

James stood in the kitchen feeling lost.  Six am was his usual wake up time and he was always out of the door at seven.  Now, he knew it was a few minutes past seven and he had nothing to do.  He was not needed anywhere.  There was no schedule to keep. He had no idea what to do with himself.

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