Writing Prompt: Andy wasn’t there.

Good morning and welcome to Friday. I have to say, I am feeling good about this week. It was very productive for me. As most of January seemed like I was put in one of those game show boxes the size of a phone booth where they turn on the wind machine and make you grab strips of paper or money or whatever, it was very nice to just round out the month with a normal productive week. And my exclusivity contract with Amazon for my novel Cursed ends January 31st so that is going to go to Smashwords (and be converted for all the other type of non-kindle readers) next week so I’m kind of excited about that. But that is next week. For now, we focus on the writing prompt. Everyone ready for the last one of the week? Excellent. Let’s go.

This could be interesting. I’m also certain Andy is a budding serial killer so I could very easily take this in a horror story kind of way. Which could be fun. I don’t often do horror.

Friday, January 29th: Andy wasn’t there.

Andy wasn’t there.  Celeste waited for him but as the sun sank below the horizon and the crickets began to chirrup, she realized he wasn’t going to make it.  She sighed and turned away from the building, beginning her long walk home.

Celeste walked by the side of the road, trying to stay in the shadows as much as possible.  She knew she would be eaten up by the various insects swarming in the deeper shadows away from the still hot sunlight, but she didn’t care.  In fact she almost welcomed their bites as punishment for her own stupidity.

She wondered if Andy ever intended to show up at all.  Part of her wanted to believe he had.  She started telling herself a story as she walked.  Andy wanted to come, had planned to come, but only something dire prevented him.  With this story in her mind, Celeste tried to figure out what dire event could have prevented him from meeting her.

A comet heading straight for the local veterinarians office perhaps.  He saw it coming and had to sacrifice his plans with her to save a litter of puppies.

“Injured puppies she added as she stepped around a crumpled fast food bag someone threw from their car window.

She could see him rescuing injured puppies.  “Even with his allergies,” she added.  She, like everyone else knew that he had major allergies to animal hair.  “So maybe after saving them he had to be rushed to the hospital just like last year when he came into contact with his neighbor’s dog.”

Everyone at school knew of the incident.  Andy had swollen up and been unable to breathe.  A quick jab with an epi pin helped him until the paramedics could get him to the hospital. He was released a few days later.  A day after his release the neighbor’s dog died.  Celeste turned the thoughts away from that.  There were rumors of course. Rumors that someone believing the dog had harmed their star quarterback and possibly ruined their chances for the state tournament had taken it out on the dog.  But Celeste worked part time for Mrs. Wallace who had the house across the street from Andy’s family.  She remembered looking out periodically throughout that day.  While she saw Andy several times, she never saw anyone else go near the house.

She shivered and even though it was warm enough to bring fine drops of sweat out in her upper lip, she found herself wrapping her arms around her body as though needing the warmth. She tried to banish the thought of the Douglas’ dog, but found that with it her entire fantasy disappeared.  There was no comet racing towards earth let alone the veterinarians and Andy wouldn’t be in the vicinity of the veterinarian’s office anyway.  Kyle Offenburg, who ran the vet’s office didn’t like Andy and whenever he was near he watched him steadily until he moved on.  Andy np longer walked near the place if he could help it.

Celeste tried to think of other reasons the quarterback might have been delayed but in the end she was left with only two possibilities that her mind would accept.  Either he forgot or he never intended to show up. Instead of inventing reasons for his delay, Celeste now tried to decide which of the two options she favored.  She couldn’t decide if being completely forgotten as insignificant was less or more humiliating than being lied to.

“I should have gone with Alice,” She said. 

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