The not quite new Book Release

A while ago I released a book called Cursed. It is a twisted Fairytale of sorts, a new version of sleeping beauty where the Princess discovers she had magic of her own and not all godmothers are to be trusted.

It was amazingly fun to write and it has actually begun a new series of books for me. I’m currently working on the second book and absolutely adore my main characters.

But that’s not the point.

I entered the book in an Amazon Contest which required me to only have my book available on Amazon for a certain duration. That duration has finally ended (yesterday actually). So today I completed the formatting adjustments needed and the book is now available on Smashwords.

Smashwords lets the e-book be formatted for any type of e-reader and not just Kindle which I like. It also lets you purchase the e-book in a text format if you just read it on your computer so you don’t technically have to own an e-reader at all to read it. Plus, smashwords really supports independent authors.

Anyway the formatting is complete and the book is now available on Smashwords. All of these links will take you to the book. In a few days it will be available in sites like Barnes & Noble but now you can actually download it from Smashwords.

It also means the formatting to make sure everything was right for the Smashwords system has been completed so….

Formatting complete!

Everybody Mambo!

Try not to trip over the trash can. Or stub your toe on the corner of the desk. I just did both. Still happy, but it is more of a limp and a shuffle than an actual dance now.

The book is still available on Amazon if you are interested, it is just now also available on Smashwords as well. I’ve pasted the blurb below in case anyone is interested and the link will also be on my books page.

Cursed: A Seven Thousand Kingdoms Novel

What if the Godmother for a kingdom is also required to be the evil curse laying sorceress? What if a cursed princess refuses to go to sleep for a hundred years and discovers she possesses magic of her own? Follow Godmother Esmerelda’s struggle with being a godmother in the Seven Thousand Kingdoms and Aria’s attempts to be more than just the average fairytale princess.

Esmeralda has served as godmother in the Seven Thousand Kingdoms for several hundred years.  She arranged countless Cinderella tales and heroic quests, dealing in both happy endings and in setting the occasional curse when she can’t talk kings out of it. She has seen it all.  She chafes at the restrictions placed on her by the Assemblage, the ruling body that governs all those with magic and wishes desperately that something would change. When the Kingdom of Charalond starts persecuting all those with magic, it seems she may get her wish.

Princess Aria is cursed. She knew all her life that on her 18th birthday she would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and both she and the kingdom would sleep for a hundred years with the prince who rescued her becoming the new king.  But the Queen has finally presented her father with a son, the prince he always wanted to rule after him. Now Aria has to find a way to escape her curse or risk being killed so her brother can inherit the throne. But can Aria trust the godmother to help her?


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