Writing Prompt: It seemed the perfect hideout.

Morning all.Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it. I have actual writing time today. That’s right, I get to write. Not edit, not format, not any of the non-writing minutiae that is a part of the writing process. Just write.It will be glorious. And so lets kick off what is bound to be a glorious day with a writing prompt. Timers at the ready? Then let’s go.

That came out more darkly ominous than I first thought it would. Interesting.

Tuesday, February 2nd: It seemed the perfect hideout.

It seemed the perfect hide out.  The curtains were long and fell to the floor, pooling on the carpet in thick velvety folds. Behind the curtains were a second set of drapes, not quite sheer, but thinner than the velvet.  They were pulled closed and with the angle of the sun, would block sight of his reflection in the glass. The curtains stood in front of a large windows.  The sill was at least eighteen inches thick and easily something he could sit comfortably on for hours if need be.

Congratulating himself on his success in finding the perfect spot, he slipped behind the curtains, careful not to disturb any of the folds and climbed up on the sill.  He eased his way behind the velvet and found that the curtains were wide enough that the entire corner of the sill was in shadow,  He was completely covered, with no part of him exposed by the drapes.

He settled in and made certain nothing was moving or showing.  Toby leaned back against the wooden side of the window.  The embrasure was wider than his back and the sun warmed wood was warm through his thin t-shirt.  He tilted his head back and prepared to wait.  He doubted the others would find him anytime soon, his hiding spot was too good.

He imagined himself sliding out of the hiding spot when they had all given up on trying to find him.  When they admitted defeat and allowed him to officially win the game.  He had never one a game of hide and seek before.  In fact he had never one any game before.  His cousins were all older, faster and stronger than he was and he was always trying to catch up. 

For the first time he might actually win.

He smiled and felt the warm glow of pride inside.  He wouldn’t be just the baby then, just the tag a long.  He would have won one of the games. Toby closed his eyes and imagined the victory.  He would get to do the victory dance too.  He had seen the others and their individual versions of the dance before but never thought he would get to do it as well.  A smile teased his lips as he thought through his dance moves, his strut of victory.

As he thought about it, the warm sun lulled him into a sleepy state.  He wasn’t quite asleep but nor was he quite awake.  He heard others calling dimly as though from far away and he sensed movement beyond the curtains but he stayed motionless and the searcher’s passed.  He thought he smelled something unfamiliar but the scent soon faded and the dimly recognized strangeness was gone.

Slowly he edged from that in between place into true sleep. He slid deeper into his inclosure curling up into himself as though in sleep he wanted to be even more hidden.  In his dreams he danced his victory dance a thousand times.

Later he wasn’t sure what woke him. He didn’t know if it was a sound or a shift of air or his overly filled bladder demanding release.  But all at once he came awake as though his alarm went off.  For a moment he was disoriented and couldn’t remember where he was or how he got there.  The scent of the velvet curtains still smelled of the afternoon sun even though all around him was darkness. 

Toby shifted and realized that he very badly needed to pee.  At the same time he realized that it was full dark.  He frowned. Surely the game was over by now.  His thoughts of a victory dance evaporated.  If he was gone this long with no one finding him,. There would be worry not congratulations that greeted him when he emerged. 

He decided to visit the bathroom and relieve his bladder before seeing if anyone was mad at him for his disappearance.  Quietly Toby slipped from behind the curtains.  The nearest bathroom was just down the hall and he quickly left the room where he hid and moved to it.  The house was quiet and he wondered if everyone had gone to sleep or if they were looking for him outside.  Toby quickly went to the bathroom.  The utter silence of the house around him made him nervous for reasons he couldn’t name and he hurried, now almost eager for the recriminations as it would finally end the heavy silence around him.

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