Writing Prompt: She was there to record it for posterity.

Morning all, I hope you are having a wonderful start to the day. We had temperatures drop again in the yo-yo cycle that is this winter and so today I will be huddled around my coffee cup for warmth as well as caffeine. As February is usually a month where temperatures change wildly from day to day it doesn’t bother me as much as it did in January and December. Those month’s were weird this year. Of course weird does seem to be more common these days. So let’s stick with routine and get ready for another morning prompt. Timer’s set? Excellent! Let’s go.

I like the idea of someone unexpectedly hurled into a situation like this, but I’m not sure I like the story. There is room for catastrophe of course, but I’m going to have to think about this one before doing something with it.

Tuesday, February 16th: She was there to record it for posterity.

She was there to record it for posterity.  It was the only reason she was aboard the shuttle, the only reason she was allowed to be one of the first people to stay on the space station.  She knew she had no business being in a scientific endeavor of any kind.  It simply wasn’t her thing.  Truthfully she should have been on this mission to record it for posterity either. 

The week before the launch date the reporter who was slated to come abound was injured in an automobile accident when another car sped through a red light and t-boned him at an intersection. By the time of the launch his doctor wasn’t ready to release him from the hospital let alone let him leave the planet. The station had a backup reporter, of course.   He was well versed in all things scientific and was looking forward to taking his compatriots’ place.  However Three days before the launch his appendix ruptured and he too was admitted to hospital.

Chloe wasn’t quite certain how she came to be listed as the alternate’s replacement.  She was strictly faship0n with the occasional leaning into celebrity gossip.  She wasn’t entirely certain what she was meant to be doing and if she was honest with herself, wasn’t entirely certain she wanted to be doing it. 

Thus far everyone had been terribly nice.  She was there to record the details and take notes.  She kept quiet and hoped desperately that no one would aske her for her qualifications.  She knew she didn’t have any.  The crew seemed to be pleased she was just willing to be an extra set of eyes and ears and just stay out of their way.  She managed to look interested when someone pointed things out to her and let her digital recorder and the video camera’s stationed around record the information.  Questions weren’t really needed as those doing the explanations were quite thorough.  Chloe was impressed by the passion they each held for the project, even if she didn’t understand half of what they were saying.  She concentrated on looking alert and refusing to let her eyes go glassy at the long string of scientific words.

Her main points of interest had been the functionality of everyone outfits and gear.  Every aspect of their attire was well thought out.  While she thought they could do with more colors and perhaps a pattern or two, she was impressed byt the attention to detail. While she always considered fashion to be vital, this was her first time seeing fashion that actually helped sustain life.  It put all sorts of thoughts in her head, but she suspected asking about their designers might clue the others in to her less than scientific qualifications. The shuttle ride was memorable.  She was strapped into a seat like the others and then they were left to wait in place while everything else was prepared.  Several of those in the shuttle with her took the opportunity to take a nap.  She was on the verge of drifting off herself when the launch actually began.  Then it felt like her fillings were being shaken out of her back teeth.  There was pressure on her chest but she honestly couldn’t say if it was due to the shuttle as she found herself holding her breath in an attempt to stay as quiet as possible and not cause any damage. 

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