Writing Prompt: From the beginning, Faye was impressed.

Morning all. I woke up this morning thing there was a lot of traffic driving by my house for some reason. Turns out it was just the wind in the trees sounding like traffic. We certainly have a front rolling in today. It was in the fifties all weekend but now they are predicting snow. You gotta love February. Anyway while the weather makes the switch, why don’t we start the week off with a writing prompt? Timer’s set? Then let’s get started.

I kind of fumbled around with this one. I think I had two separate ideas that sort of got crossed in my head. There might be an idea in there but I’d have to work to dig it out. It did however shake the weekend cobwebs out of my brain, which was the main point of the exercise so I can’t complain.

Monday, February 22nd: From the beginning, Faye was impressed.

From the beginning Faye was impressed.  Their coordination and level of discipline were things she had never dreamed were possible.  Each one of the team worked in unison like a well oiled machine.  Where she came from each worked as an individual and the world was sometimes a little chaotic because of it.

At first she was intimidated.  She worked hard at fitting in and doing her part.  She managed to hold her own, perform as expected and stay in her place.  She received praise that often came with back handed complements.

They all knew where she came from and were surprised that she was able to adapt.  Even as they congratulated her, she was forced to swallow the stinging insult to her home. She was the barbarian here.  They were the civilizing influence and she had proven she could stand with them.  They often told her how proud she should be of herself.

While she was proud of holding her own, as her fears of falling behind eased, she began to look around and see cracks in the system. 

While each member worked as a cog in the machinery that kept things running, not a one of them wa capable of stepping out of their assigned role to attempt another’s task.  They only knew what they knew.  Once they found their place they stayed in it.  While it made them exceptional at their tasks, it meant that if any one person faltered, the entire team ground to a halt. In addition there was no innovation.  Things were the way they were.  Often she heard tales of skills passed from one generation to the next.  There was no attempt to do anything better, there was just a desire to replicate what had come before.

Once she learned her place and knew that as long as she kept repeating the tasks assigned to her in exactly the same way as expected, she found she was often bored.  Her tasks weren’t onerous and no one expected her to do more than she was assigned.  In fact they frowned on the thought of her doing more than assigned.  Alone in her workspace, she completed her tasks early and easily and began to look for ways to fill her time.  She began with the notebook.  She kept it hidden from the others, safely tucked away lest it look as though she was slacking in her assigned tasks.  But each day, after completing her work load, she would pull out her notebook and pen and let her imagination flow.  She worked on new designs, elaborating on existing systems to come up with different results.  She worked with numbers and materials lists to adjust for efficiency and diversification. 

Her workspace was far from the others.  When she first arrived it was so any barbaric ineptitude she showed wouldn’t infect the others.  Here she could be monitored until her work was up to par.  Once she proved herself capable, the supervision stopped and she was left alone.  Her workspace remained isolated though and she wondered if she was still considered an infectious agent.  The others didn’t talk to her much and most only for the thrill and novelty of meeting one of the barbarians face to face. There was no one she really talked to and no one for her to show her drawings.  Most days she thought that was for the best.  When her shift ended she went to the small apartment building.  It was on one of the monitored halls.  The owner of the building kept a tight watch on the barbarians living with in and they weren’t allowed to congregate so each one came home from their jobs and stayed isolated in their cramped quarters.

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