Writing Prompt: He would sometimes step behind the hotel’s front desk.

Last night I had strange dreams of parachuting yeti’s descending on the city. They were jumping out of interdimensional space craft so you couldn’t actually see the UFOs. The Yeti’s just popped into the sky with their parachutes coming at the world with bare feet and oddly enough sunshine yellow berets on their heads. Turns out last night my darling dearest was listening to a bigfoot themed podcast and his earbuds fell out after he fell asleep. Not sure where the yellow berets came in and quite frankly, that is going to haunt me.But for now we will leave it aside and go for the morning writing prompt. everyone ready? Excellent.

I think I kind of like Steve and Dennis in this story. Not sure what mayhem the new arrival will cause but I know it will be calamitous.

Tuesday, February 23rd: He would sometimes step behind the hotel’s front desk.

He would sometimes step behind the hotel’s front desk.  He liked to have the employees see him doing their jobs so that they could feel as though he was one of them and that he understood.  At least that is what Steve said when anyone asked him.  The truth was, he liked working at the front desk.  He liked seeing the people come in, harried and worn from their travels and seeking shelter in his hotel.  He loved presenting them with their key and seeing the look of relief as they could finally rest.  He loved the excited tourists and reveled in their excitement as they planned their activities.  He enjoyed knowing that his hotel would serve a their home base as they explored his city.

Most of all, Steve loved giving directions to nearby restaurants and attractions.  This of course caused considerable confusion and disturbances among both his guests and staff. For Steve, the world outside his doors existed as it always had.  Never changing, his eternal city.

Many of the restaurants he recommended no longer existed and most of the sights he claimed could not be missed, long since closed their doors.   Any stint with Steve on the front desk, generally required extra time to repair.  In addition, Steve understood nothing of the computer system or even of the credit card system.  Someone else always had to be on hand to take care of those details.  That Thursday it was Dennis who stood behind him, dealing with all of those little details.  Dennis didn’t mind, not really. 

He rather liked Steve.  And truthfully many of the attractions Steve exhorted people to visit were ones Dennis would have liked to have seen.  He actually visited the old amusement park on one of his days off.  While he took pictures of the abandoned rides and slowly disintegrating booths, he heard Steve’s voice in his head explaining it’s wonders.  He didn’t try this trick with any of the restaurants though, as delicious as Steve made the food sound.  Most of the fine dining restaurants were closed long ago and replaced by either fast food or convenience retail.  He routinely picked up his morning cup of coffee in the pharmacy that existed where Steve claimed the best, most tender steak in the world could be had for a more than fair price.  The elegant chandelier of old was replaced with florescent lights that made everyone within look jaundiced and vaguely ill. A cursory sniff did not bring anything but the scent of pine scented floor cleaner. Dennis could not see the former glory behind the present façade.

That Thursday there were few customers.  He knew there would be more later that evening as there was a convention in the nearby center and many people would be arriving early.  But at ten in the morning, it was just him and Steve.  Steve sunk into a stupor, staring straight ahead as though seeing former guests.  He had a slight smile on his face and Dennis let him be, remaining in standby mode as he took care of the behind the desk tasks that didn’t interest the owner. It was only when he heard the slide of the main doors opening and the heavy tread of someone approaching that he looked up.

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