Upcoming Writing Prompts or the Week of March 1st-5th, 2021

Wow can you believe we are looking at March already? Time does fly. Listed below are the writing prompts I plan to use next week. They are, as always, in the order I plan to do them. You however can do them in whatever order you choose. You can do all of them, some of them, one of them or none of them. That is your call. I personally like starting each day with there writing prompt as it clears my brain and gets me focused on writing, no matter what it was i was doing before.

And so without further ado…

Monday, March 1st: He learned the truth soon enough.

Tuesday, March 2nd: She sneezed.

Wednesday, March 3rd: He ground his teeth in frustration.

Thursday, March 4th: The cat was well and truly out of the bag.

Friday, March 5th: It was a dazzling sight to behold.

And now I am going to forget they exist so that I can come to them fresh next week. I hope everyone out there has a fantastic friday and a wonderful weekend. I will see you bright and early with my take on the first of these prompts Monday morning.

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