Writing Prompt: The cat was well and truly out of the bag.

Morning all and welcome to a bright and chilly Thursday morning. I swear the light this morning looks sharp enough to slice.We’ll hope not to be cut to ribbons, brew the coffee and get into the morning writing prompts and hopefully as the sun rises the edges will blunt a bit. So everyone have their pens or keyboards at the ready? Timers set. Then off we go, mind ths sharp corners.

That was unexpected. Interesting, and something I may have to come back to, but unexpected. I love when that happens.

Thursday, March 4th: The cat was well and truly out of the bag.

The cat was well and truly out of the bag.  The surprise party was ruined.  Katie looked at the table full of snacks.  Bags of chips, bottles of soda.  She even had a block of sherbet chilling in the freezer so she could add it to the punch bowl and make an old fashioned soda filled punch.

Now there was no point.  Harold found out about the party and refused to attend.  He hated the thought and yelled for nearly twenty minutes at her for even having the thought, let alone setting the thought into motion. 

She thought he’d be pleased.

She looked at the gap in the tabletop offerings.  He spotted his favorites among the offerings gathered even as he belittled her attempts at a celebration.  When he was through, he grabbed the ones he liked and stormed out.  She could still hear his steps overhead as he moved about his room.

She stared at the hole in the gathered mass.  Then she turned away, deliberately turning her back on the assembled treats.  She stifled her emptions and ordered her thoughts. 

There were things that needed to be done.  Katie picked up the phone and began calling each one of the invited.  The lie slipped easily from her tongue as she told them she wasn’t feeling well and that the party would need to be postponed. 

She tried not to think of how often this lie or one similar came to her lips. 

When the final call was through, the last guest uninvited, she hung up the phone.  Katie took a deep breath. There was a hollowness inside.  It ached.  She knew that after yelling, he would not want to see her.  He would want the evidence of what he considered her stupidity cleared away.

Usually it made her cry.  This time however, she was inclined to give him the space he wanted.  This time instead of tears, she felt a little flick of anger. This time, she had a place to go.

Silently, she made her way upstairs.  Normally she would gather her things and simply decamp to the basement couch for the night, testing his mood over breakfast.  She knew that locked in his study she would be unobserved.  Instead of packing a small bag with her things for the night and the next morning, she packed a suitcase with as much as the bag would carry and then emptied out her bathroom belongings.  Anything that was precious to her, she took.  She knew his reaction upon finding her gone would be to destroy what she left behind.  Once she left, there would be no coming back.  She felt tremors of fear squiggle through her and her hands grew damp with nerves, but she persisted,  Quiet as a mouse she took everything back down stairs.  She took her purse and looked around. 

He hated when she left her things around so she always kept everything compact, tidy.  There was nothing scattered that she needed to gather. 

Katie slipped out of the door and loaded her bag in the trunk.  She got behind the wheel and drove off.  Her stiff, inner calm lasted for three blocks, Then the tremors started.  Doubts began to creep in, but she refused to give into them.  She drove across town and was relieved to finally reach her destination.  She opened the garage by remote and pulled the car inside.  She closed the door as quickly as possible.  She had no illusions.  For the first few days, she would need to hide. 

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