New Book Release: Through the St. Claire Gate

I am happy to announce that Through the St. Claire Gate is now available on both Amazon and Smashwords. I am very excited to have it finally be available. It is not in any of my existing series, it is something entirely new. But don’t worry I will be returning to my existing series. A new Channel Riders books is in the works and the Sequel to The Ravenwood Arms will definately be out this year. That being said, I really enjoyed writing Through the St. Claire Gate and really hope you enjoy reading it. as I said you can find it on both Amazon and Smashwords. The links will take you to whichever site you prefer. The book info is posted below.

And don’t forget the Smashwords Annual Read an E-book Book Sale is still going on through March 13th. It’s a great place to stock up on books from your favorite author or find a new author to love.

Through the St. Claire Gate

Thirty years ago, Dr. Robert St. Claire established a portal to another planet in a far distant galaxy.  His scientific achievement was kept secret by a group called the Conclave who wanted to reap the benefits of this new world, Tarnos, without sharing with the rest of the earth. Twenty five children were sent thought to Tarnos as part of a genetics project, but only three survived. 

Now with the Gate failing, those children, now adults, are returning to earth. Can Robert help them establish normal lives, blending with other humans or are they destined to spend the rest of their lives as objects for others to study? And will the sciences they bring back be beneficial or destroy the world as he knows it?

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