Writing Prompt: There was something strange about him.

Morning all I hope you are poised for a fabulous Friday. If you are interested at all in the Smashwords book sale It ends tomorrow (March 13th) at midnight. Personally I plan to spend tomorrow morning perusing the options and adding to my collection of books to read. I know I shouldn’t have left it to the last minute, but I just didn’t get around to it this week so Saturday it is. So speaking of the end of the week. Are you ready fot the last prompt for this week? Good then lets go.

I kind of want to turn this into a small town horror story.

Friday, March 12th: There was something strange about him.

There was something strange about him.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  He walked and talked and looked like everyone else around him, but still every time I spoke with Jarrod I came away thinking there was something strange about him, something off.

I tried to shake off the feeling but couldn’t.  Part of me wanted to spend more time with him, listening and trying to pin point the difference but Stacy was already teasing me about my interest. 

She thought I had a crush.

I tried to brush it off.  “I’m just curious,” I said.  “Aren’t you? It’s the first time we’ve had a new arrival tin town for years.  You don’t wonder what caused his family to move to …here.”

I swept my arm in a wide circle indicating the glory that was our small town. It wasn’t a place that saw many transplants and most everyone had been here for generations.  Occasionally someone would leave get married and drag their new spouse back, which is why our gene pool wasn’t stagnated.  No one moved here independently, at least they hadn’t in a really long time.

Stacy accepted my answer and let it go.  I decided to avoid spending too much time around Jarrod and to stop mentioning him. When Stacy accused me of having a crush on him a strange sensation rolled through me.  It was like a wave of nausea.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t attractive, he was, in a general sort of way.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t nice, as he was in a polite non directed manner.  But still the thought of any romantic attachment filled me with a sort of repulsion.

I knew mentioning it to Stacy would be pointless.  She would either believe I concocted the repulsion to hide my true feelings or that I was in the grips of a love hate thing. As those were the movies and television shows she adored, I knew mentioning it would just bring trouble.  In all of her favorite shows a couple started out hating each other and ended up falling madly in love.

And truthfully I couldn’t explain the repulsion.  It didn’t seem quite right but still there it was.  No matter how I tried to think around it, it remained. It wasn’t until I ran into Jarrod after school that I realized why.  Well technically I can’t claim full credit for the realization, that was my little brother Max. After school he went to the Center, like most of the younger kids whose parents were working.  It was conveniently right next to the high school and any of us who had younger siblings often picked them up and walked them home with us after our school day was through. 

I picked up Max and Jarod picked up what appeared to be his younger brother.  They were a short way ahead of us and my normally talkative little brother quieted and slowed his steps as though not wanting to catch up to the pair ahead of us.

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