Upcoming Prompts for the week of March 22nd – 26th, 2021

Welcome once again to the list of upcoming prompts. Listed below are all of the prompts I plan to do next week. What I like to do is take the prompt for the day, set the timer for fifteen minutes and then write. During that time I don’t stop. I don’t go back and correct something to edit out repeat words or even things I think might sound stupid. In fact I don’t even look at it to see if it is stupid. I just slap the words down until the timer goes off. Editing is for another time. Somedays I get great story ideas other times I get complete garbage. But at least the garbage is no longer cluttering up my head any more. It also gets me in a writing mood no matter how I felt at the start of the day. Even if i didn’t feel like writing, I wrote and nine times out of ten it puts me in the mood to write more. If it doesn’t, well at least I wrote for fifteen minutes that day.

The prompts are in the order I plan to do them. You can shake them up and rearrange the order. You can pick one and use it for the entire week if you want. Write on the sentence one morning and then the next morning start with the same sentence and see if you come up with a new idea for the same words. It’s amazing how often that works. Same words to start, different day, entirely different story. Ad of course if you like what you came up with, you can always run with it and see where the story takes you. It’s your writing, do what suits you.

So for next week this is what we will be working with…

Monday, March 22nd: the ruins hinted at past glory.

Tuesday, March 23rd: It was colder than I had imagined.

Wednesday, March 24th: The scent was overpowering.

Thursday, March 25th: His laughter was infectious.

Friday, March 26th: “I expect an answer in the morning.”

Some of those look like a whole lot of fun. But now I am going to forget the exist and leave them be so I can come to them fresh each morning next week. Have a good Friday everyone!

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