Writing Prompt: His laughter was infectious.

Good morning all. I actually had a really good night’s sleep. Do you want to know why? I remembered to take my allergy medicine before going to sleep. That’s right, I was able to breath the entire night through instead of being woken up unable to breathe as my nose was plugged. It is during allergy season that I realize that I rarely actually breathe through my mouth, even when sleeping. At least my allergy season is short lived. It’s the trees that take me down. Once they have had their moment of spring pollen release I am generally fine. Until then, I need to remember to take the medicine before I go to bed. But that is behind us now. A good night of sleep was had by me at least so even if my eyes are itchy and watery, I am awake. So let’s put the wakefulness to use with a writing prompt. Everybody ready? Pens poised? Fingers above keyboard if you are typing? Fabulous! Let’s begin.

Okay I kind of like this one. I wasn’t expecting it to go where it did but I kind of like it. oh I am going to have to keep this one to work o some other time.

Thursday, March 25th: His laughter was infectious.

His laughter was infectious.  As he laughed you couldn’t help but smile.  Then as it it continued, you couldn’t help but laugh along.  I’ll admit I didn’t see the humor in the situation, but I was unable to stop myself.  I smiled and slipped into chuckles.  My chuckles soon became giggles and then my giggles blossomed into a full blown guffaws and a deep belly laugh. 

I laughed until tears ran down my face.

Even as I did I wondered what it was I was laughing about.  Nothing was funny, not really.  There was a poor joke made, a halfhearted attempt at humor but nothing truly funny.  Nothing that could even come close to this level of humor.  Yet I couldn’t stop. 

His laughter was ringing in my ears and I simply could not keep from laughing along.  My tears of mirth flowed down my cheeks.  My cheeks started to feel tight and unnatural and my stomach started to ache.  I needed to stop laughing but couldn’t. 

I looked around eyes wild as I took in the rest of the room.  Everyone was laughing.  They were laughing as though they heard the funniest joke they had ever heard in their lives. 

Except for one man. 

His face was grim, his mouth compressed into a thin line. The bloodless lips merely a dash under his nose. He was not laughing.

I studied him through the wave of tears and noticed that he was scanning the room looking for something.  No one else seemed to notice.  When his eyes neared my section of the room, I looked away somehow not wanting to be caught looking at him.  I brayed my laugher and when I thought his eyes moved on, I looked in his direction again.  He was in profile this time and I could see ear plugs fitted tightly into his ears. 

What was going on?

His dash of lips curled up at the edges forming a mirthless smile a he moved to the desk.  Two strides took him there and he rummaged through the envelopes stacked in the basket of incoming mail. He found what he was looking for, picked it up and tucked it in his shirt.  He turned, tapped the man with the infections laughter on the shoulder and moved to the door.  The man watched him leave and once he was gone turned back to the laughing crowd.  Again I twisted my gaze away before he reached me, disliking the thought of being caught looking. 

He scanned the room and then tapered off his laughed.

As he slowed from a rolling laugh down to chuckles, I was able to do the same, m laughter dimming in response to his.  There was intense relief as he faded to a grin and I was able to finally stop laughing.  I ignored my own idiot smile plastered across my face and reveled in the relaxation of my stomach muscles.  My gut literally ached from the laughter.  It felt like I had done a very long, very intense ab workout.  My throat was sore and my cheeks ached where they were still pulled up into a grin.

“OH I needed a good belly laugh,” the man said.  “Its always good to have one every once in a while and it is even better to share it with friends.  However, I’m afraid I must now be going.” His grin dropped and the smiles around the room dimmed.  I dropped my smile and wiggled my jaw as I tried to ease the ache in my cheeks.  No one else seemed to have issues and they expressed their sadness at his passing.  A knot of them walked with him to the door along with their hostess. Regret at his leaving stained the air.  I was the only one who seemed relieved to see him leave.

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