Writing Prompt: “I expect an answer in the morning.”

Happy Friday all. I think the rain washed some of the pollen out of the air so I think I may have a few hours before the need for allergy meds kick in. As they always make my brain feel a little fuzzy, I am going to make the best of the scrubbed air. So lets get started with a morning writing prompt. wiggle those fingers and get them ready to go. All warmed up? Fantastic. Let’s get to it then.

That one took me a while to get into. I think I kind of like the germ of the idea I started to move towards at the end, but if I end up using this it is something I will need to work with for a bit. But that’s okay. Not every writing prompt is going to give me a usable storyline to work with. Sometimes it is just a way to clear the brain.

Friday, March 26th: “I expect an answer in the morning.”

“I expect an answer I the morning.”  They were his final words as he turned and walked away.  His tone was light, but I could hear the threat behind them.  I knew what he meant.

In the morning I could either do what he wanted or I could look for a new job.  The truth was, I had been looking for a new job for the past six months.  I started looking after the last little task Harold wanted to add to my slate.  That one, while not entirely ethical, wasn’t technically illegal.  I managed to find a loop hope in his request so that while I did what he asked, it was done in a way that didn’t leave me compromised. 

It also failed to accomplish what it was that Harold actually wanted. 

He couldn’t ask me directly for what he wanted, he had to figure out how to make what he wanted sound like a legitimate request.  The he wanted the man who beat him at the business meeting disguised as a golf game to suffer a humiliating defeat.  However ‘humiliate the man who beat me at gold and stole a potential client from me’ wasn’t something he could officially ask a subordinate at the company to do

He could and did ask me to analyze his rival’s company.  That technically was in my job description as research was part of my department.  Or at least more my department than public humiliation. 

I did my job and stuck to the legal sources of information.  While I did uncover what I was pretty certain would end up being an embezzling scheme, I couldn’t follow it past a certain point without compromising myself.  I knew I had the resources to push into less legitimate waters and find out the details, in fact I had done so on my own time to satisfy my curiosity. That information was left out of the report I handed Harold.

I wouldn’t give him that kind of hold over me.

I wasn’t entirely certain if Harold wanted the information solely to use against his rivals or as a something he could threaten me with revealing.  He knew my past was less than squeaky clean.  I also knew he was the sort who enjoyed having holds over people.  He liked eluding to my past when he could, taunting me with his knowledge of it. 

Or at least what he thought he knew of it.  He really only had the tip of the iceberg.  I had come clean with Roderick when we discussed my employment here.  Him I trusted and he had never betrayed that trust.  He knew most, but not all. No one but me knew all. Harold knew there was something hinky and had been assured it was all behind me by people who were his superiors.  I suspected that part of his extra assignments were fishing attempts to draw more information out.  That he wanted details was obvious.

I looked down at the file Harold handed me.  This wasn’t just hinky, this wasn’t just unethical, this was illegal.  If I participated even a smidge, there would be no way I could write a legit report.  There would always be something in it he could use against me.  Although I hated it, jobs were scares at the moment and none of my attempts to secure a new one panned out.  My only other option was to go to Roderick.  I hated the thought of bringing something like this to him but at the moment I could see no other way out.

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