Month 3 Update on The Fifteen Minute Novel Experiment

Welcome to the end of march. As I started The Fifteen Minute Novel Experiment on January first and today is March 31st, we have now officially completed three months. This morning I posted Day 64. I am only writing on the fifteen minute novel five days a week in case you are wondering about the date vs days discrepancy.

It is an interesting experience at this point. At this point I know there is a major event coming in the plot. I know it will be a bit of a shake up but before I get to the shake up I am establishing his set routine. I can see the moment where the plot point impacts the story but I just have to reach it. Because of the premise of this experiment I am only writing fifteen minutes each day on this story. So I am inching forward to the moment where things go pear shaped very very slowly.

It is almost a form of literary torture.

Kind of linguistic water drops on the forehead.

I have noticed I have skimmed past a few details in the writing since I want to reach the next plot point. I am keeping a parallel notes file and it has a bit more detail about the people he meets in the office. I still haven’t quite figured out what the office actually does, but I also haven’t decided if it is important enough to worry about. I am leaving that up in the air at the moment and if it does become important i will add in relevant details to the story in my first editing pass. Actually the phrase ‘add relevant details’ occurs a number of times in my notes.

As a wordcount update I am now sitting at a word count of 38, 194 words. So the story is growing slowly and steadily. Even if it is somewhat tortuous at points. And that is where we sit at the end of three months and how I feel about the story after three months. I’m sure that will change throughout. But we are setting off into April now so I will check in with another update once we get another month down. So we here we leave the experiment to slowly chug away.

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