Writing Prompt: We are looking at expanding.

Good morning all. I hope everyone had a great night. I had strange dreams about fires and floods. I blame the weather channel. And weather of course. I hope wherever you are you are staying out of the flood waters and are bundled up for a sudden drop in temperatures. I am preparing blankets for the spring flowers. And then I’ll just stay inside. I’m not the greatest fan of the cold. But plant rescue aside, it is time for the morning writing prompt. Are you ready? Excellent.

I kind of wonder what Ralph is thinking of doing with the buildings. I suspect he has not been completely honest.

Thursday, April 1st: we are looking at expansion.

We are looking at expansion,” he said as he walked forward.  The real estate agent followed, nodding. 

“Well I can certainly understand that,” he said. “And this is an excellent…location.” He concluded somewhat hesitantly. 

Even though he was not looking at the agent, Ralph hid his amusement.  He could understand the agent’s confusion. This factory was a cavernous space at the moment.  The machinery once housed here had either been scavenged or time and the elements made it no more than enormous hunks of useless metal. 

The bricks of the building were still sturdy but there were holes in the roof that would need to be seen to and there were many, many structural concerns that would need to be addressed.  However there were many positives to the site.

Ralf declined to point them out.  At the moment the price was low as the owner thought the building was merely a relic.  Ralph remembered Austin’s moans when he found out the building’s worth on the open market.  He inherited them as part of the family property and hoped to offload the properties he had no interest in maintaining quickly so that he could spend the proceeds on more lucrative endeavors.

After watching Austin flounder in the market attracting no buyers and lowering the cost drastically as he realized that soon taxes would have to be paid on the land, Ralph stepped in. Well, not entirely in.  He asked to look at them. He told Austin that he had a small pet project that might make one of the building’s useful.

Never one for too many questions Austin not only jumped at the opportunity but suggested a package deal with all five of the buildings might be on offer, for the right price.

Ralph agreed to look, but nothing more.  He hinted that the numbers would have to line up and Austin, seeing tax time approaching, informed him that he was willing to negotiate.  Now Ralph carefully picked his way across the open space of the once large manufacturing facility.  He ran the numbers already and knew that even at full price the costs would line up.  He had no intention of paying anywhere near full price and hoped to get all five of the buildings at the same time.

He was here today because he wanted to see the buildings for himself.  He could run the numbers and dream his dreams in the office but he knew he needed to see it with his own eyes before he could believe in the reality. 

Ralph spared a glance at the realestate agent.  His name was Todd something or other.  Ralph couldn’t remember the last name or even if the agent produced a surname.  He seemed to think that first names would make them more compatriots.  As Ralph knew that Todd was Austin’s man through and through, he had no desire to make friends.  He also knew Austin was counting on him to make the sale.

Ralph glanced over at the agent who was studying the walls with some trepidation.  As he was accustomed to selling million dollar move in ready homes, Ralph wasn’t surprised.  Todd noticed his attention and shifted his look of concern into one of interest.  He turned a bright smile on Ralph.

“I suppose they could be made to work, with a lot of effort,” he began willing to let Todd talk him into the purchase..  “It would take a rather large investment.”

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