Upcoming Writing Prompts for the week of April 5th – 9th, 2021

Good morning all and welcome to Friday. Five weekly writing prompts await, each scheduled for one day next week. As always, they are in the order I plan to use them, but you can rearrange them to suit yourself or write along with me. It’s your call. Are you ready to see next week’s prompts?

Monday, April 5th: He made himself some lunch.

Tuesday, April 6th: I’m sure it has some virtue or it would not have been kept so long.

Wednesday, April 7th: They were searching for the source.

Thursday, April 8th: The profit margin was slim.

Friday, April 9th: He was destined to go down in history as a flamboyant failure.

I kind of like Fridays Prompt if I am being honest. I also wish I remembered what book/magazine/article/ poster or whatever I pulled it from as it sounds like quite an interesting sentence. I don’t know if I mentioned how I set up the prompts, but I gather interesting sentences from things I read. Sometimes they go on notecards but mostly they go on a really long list and then at the beginning of the year I randomly pick out sentences and line them up for the year. I actually write them on my desk calendar so it is the first thing I see when i turn to the page in the morning.

But now I am going to flip the page back to Friday so that I can forget about the sentences for next week until I actually get around to writing on them. I hope you have a fun (and safe) Easter weekend – if you are celebrating, and just a fun weekend if you aren’t. I’ll see you back here bright and early Monday morning.

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