Writing Prompt: The road was blocked.

Happy Good Friday everyone. If you happen to be traveling this year, I hope you have a safe holiday weekend. We are not traveling but we have a very nice leg of lamb ready to be roasted with garlic and rosemary and I am going to be making carrot cake. I love carrot cake. It is one of my weaknesses, which is why I only make it a couple of times a year. Easter time and once in the fall in case you are wondering. Chocolate I can resists. A good carrot cake I can not. So it will be a quiet but delicious weekend here. But before we get to the weekend, we have to get Friday started. Are you ready for the last prompt of the week? Fabulous! Let’s get started.

I think the weather of the week affected this prompt. We’ve had a lot of rain. Still it might be interesting to work with at some point.

Friday, April 2nd: The road was blocked.

The road was blocked.  It was easy to see there would be no getting past.  There was a line of barricades each fitted with a flashing light, blocking the road.  Even with the flashing lights those barricades looked insubstantial placed as they were in front of the massive oak tree sprawled across the street. 

The oak was old enough that it grew up around many of the power and telephone lines, encapsulating them within its trunk and limbs.  Surrounding the tree were darkened houses and I suspected that there were quite a few homes without power.  When the tree came down it decided to take everyone with it.  Surprisingly it stopped short of actual building damage.  On one side of the street the limbs stopped mere inches from the front door of one house.  While no damage was done even poking their heads out to look at the front yard would mean peering through a wilderness of tree limbs. 

On the other side the entire front yard of the house that stood behind the tree for the past few decades of it’s life was torn and shattered.  There was no grass left covering the yard.  As tree toots pulled from the ground they left only churned up dirt behind.  Some of those roots looked to be as thick around as some of the smaller trees in the area. 

Waiting there in front of the barricade I could only marvel at the force that brought it down.  While I was certain that this tree weathered hurricanes, it wasn’t the wind that ultimately did it in.

As my eyes got over the sheer scale of the tree now stretched horizontally across the road, I could see that it was the rain that caused the issue.  I could see large sectioned of ground washed away.  No doubt the rains that had been falling steadily for the past four days eroded the sloped land and the three merely gave way to gravity.  As the trunk toppled the strength of the roots were not enough to keep it upright.  While the tree itself seemed determined to do the least amount of damage, the roots seemed to take the opposite pathway.  Not only was the yard torn but the pavers used to create a walk way to the side walk had been thrown about the yard, a chunk of the sidewalk had been ripped up and if I wasn’t mistaken a large root had ripped out right up to the very foundations of the house.  If the house hadn’t taken damage I would be very surprised. 

The natural carnage was awesome to behold, but it was my own carnage that brought me out on such a night as this. I had trouble to deal with and staring at the felled tree wasn’t getting it settled. 

“I’ll have to take Hartsford,” I said to myself.  The flashing lights were the only movement in the area,  There was no one guarding the closed road and I guessed it was believed that the tree itself was evidence enough of why the road was closed.  Certainly I wasn’t going to try to get past it.  All of the houses were dark and if anyone huddled inside they did so silently.  I backed my car up and pulled into one of the driveways.  I backed out of the driveway reversing direction and heading back the way I came.  Ash was my next left and I knew it connected to Hartsford Road.  It was a longer path, but tonight it was the best option. 

“I certainly won’t be getting down Mills,” I said.  Ash was littered with the smaller limbs ripped from the surrounding trees who managed thus far to keep their roots firmly gripped in the quagmire that the usual terra firma was becoming.  My windshield wipers thumped rhythmically as they tried to keep the grass clear form the ongoing deluge. 

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