Writing Prompt: I’m sure it has some virtue or it would not have been kept so long.

Good morning everyone! I actually feel close to normal today. Or as close as I actually get. My arms and shoulders are a little stiff and sore but otherwise I am back to standard. The past twenty four hours were a bit rough though. It was just like having a week’s worth of the flu condensed into one day. I would rather not go through that again. And hopefully I will never have to. But it is time to get back on track with, well everything. So we’ll start with a writing prompt. Ready?

I suspect the doll is going to be evil. No clue why, just do.

Wednesday, April 7th: I’m sure it has some virtue or it would not have been kept so long.

“I’m sure it has some virtue or it would not have been kept so long,” Sally said, peering inside the box.

The wooden box was plain, the veneer having peeled away in strips over the years. The attic had no regulation f hot and cold other than the basic insulation so over the hot summers the glue melted and in the cold winters the wood contracted. Any decoration it may have had was long gone and the plain wooden box was covered with glue caked with dust.  It was also slightly warped and even though we found the key that fit in the lock it wouldn’t turn.  We ended up smashing the lock to get it open.

Sally had been hoping for stashed jewelry and Bill wanted pirate’s gold.  Neither was impressed by what lay inside.

“It’s just a doll,” Bill said.

“Maybe it was someone’s favorite doll?” Sally suggested. It was clear she lacked any enthusiasm for the box.  With all their talk of treasure, the disappointment was written on their faces.

“Well I’m just glad it is the last item in the house,” I said.  Now we can get rid of the old insulation, put in new and turn this attic into livable space.”

MY practical comment caused only sighs. I reached over them snapped the box shut and lifted it off of the floor. “Back to work then,” I said.

For all the excitement it caused this little dolly caused quite the delay.  The box was half seen the day before after daylight faded.  We could tell it was a box but we were all exhausted and couldn’t quite reach it.  It was the decision to leave it until morning when it could be easily maneuvered out of the tight space with no damage to either it or it’s surroundings.   I anticipated lifting it out easily, however the box was wedged between the rafters and did not want to come out.  Maneuvering it out without damaging anything took more time than I would have liked.

“And bring the tools,” I called as I took the box down stairs.  Behind me I heard the dragging of feet and the clank of tools as items were gathered.

“So what’s the verdict.” Kevin asked as I descended. “Are we now rich enough we can give up this life and run off to Aruba?”

“Not exactly,” I said.  “It’s someone’s forgotten toy tucked away for safe keeping.”

“Well at least the attic is clear,” he said, echoing my sentiments. “I’ll start sending people up.”

I nodded and walked out to the truck.  It contained everything that was taken from the house and would be going up for auction in a few days. I placed the box inside with the other accumulated items and took one more moment to sigh with regret over the antiques.  Our purchase only included the house, not it’s contents.  Those were bought by someone else.

“So I suppose it is a good thing that you didn’t turn out to be filled with jewels,” I told the dolly.  You weren’t mine to keep anyway.” I cast another look over the now bubble wrapped pieces.  I still didn’t know how Toby managed to purchase the contents prior to general auction.  That bothered me almost as much as the fact that I had to turn the pieces over to him.

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