Upcoming Prompts for the week of April 12th – 16th, 2021

This week got a little off track as I took Tuesday completely off. So the writing prompts from last week are slightly out of alignment. So today’s writing prompt was technically the one scheduled for Thursday. what I’m going to do is post a writing prompt and a post of the Fifteen Minute Novel on Saturday to make up for it. I know that sounds a little obsessive but my plan this year was for five writing prompts each week and five posts of The Fifteen Minute novel each week throughout the year, so I will catch up tomorrow morning and then we will start fresh with the list of next week’s prompts. In case you are wondering, when Holidays roll around, I do the prompts for the holiday the weekend before and then just schedule them to release. So next Thanksgiving when I am able to head to my Mom’s for Turkey day the weekend before I’ll write Thursdays and Friday’s prompts in advance. So it all balances out. But if I catch up with the one day missed then i won’t have to worry about it. Not that any of you are terrible worried by that, it’s just my internal balancing sheet.

Shall we look at next week’s posts then?

Monday, April 12th: He abandoned his former beliefs.

Tuesday, April 13th: The crater was enormous.

Wednesday, April 14th: The walls were carved with thousands of small glyphs, some no bigger than a thumbnail.

Thursday, April 15th: Even from a distance, he commanded attention.

Friday, April 16th: The race was on.

Overall, not a bad list. I look forward to getting started on it. But for now I need to get started on my Friday. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning to catch up on the missed posts but otherwise have a great Friday and an excellent weekend.

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