Writing Prompt: “You doubt my word?”

Morning all and welcome to Friday. I don’t know about you but the one step forward one step back of this week has made it feel like it lasted twice as long as expected. I am personally very ready for the weekend. But before we end up on Saturday, we have Friday to get through. Let’s start it off right with the last prompt of the week. Ready? Then let’s begin.

I don’t know if I’ll use this but I have to admit i am tickled by one of my descriptions. The sentence: The silky voice slithered around the room, tying little knots around the wiggling filaments of public opinion and drawing them closer to his side. may have to be tweaked and used elsewhere. It just makes me smile. Which isn’t a bad start to a Friday morning.

Friday, April 23rd: “You doubt my word?”

“You doubt my word?” he asked.  His voice sounded incredulous and I blinked.

He lied to me, to everyone.  I knew it.  He knew it, we all knew it.  The proof lay before us all, the documentation laid out across the table. Yet as he spoke I could feel myself doubting the evidence.  I could see the resolve withering in those around me.  So forceful was his professed shock that it caused ripples of doubt to waft into every corner of the room. I could see the suspicion fading and blushes beginning to pink cheeks.

“well it seems to me,” Harold pushed on.  He paused, cleared his throat and started again.  “It seems the evidence would require some explanation.”

He glanced around for support but people were now looking over the gathered reports as though they were something suspicious and not merely the record of suspicious acts.

“I’m sure they do,” he assured everyone.  Walter smiled at us all.  There was something dark and vicious underneath the smile.  I didn’t like it but I appeared to be in the minority.  His eyes scanned the room as though looking for those who might be responsible for the documents’ arrival.  I dropped my eyes.  The documents weren’t mine but I read them, understood and agreed with their conclusions. However at the moment I could ill afford to be targeted by his wrath.  As opinion seemed to be sliding his direction, I suspected it would be even worse to be singled out now. 

His gaze slid past me as though I was of no consequence.  For once I was glad that I was the sort who could fade into the wall paper.  It may have made for disappointing social outings but here I could wear the disregard like a shield.

“These matters are so complex,” Walter continued.  His voice was silky and I could see others around the room nodding in agreement. “Why once you start to read them up looks like down, black looks like white and good intent looks like the darkest of evils.”

The silky voice slithered around the room, tying little knots around the wiggling filaments of public opinion and drawing them closer to his side.  His words weren’t likely to change my opinion, but my opinion didn’t matter at this point.  I read the reports as soon as they arrived and once realizing what they meant, extracted myself from the venture.  The capitol I lost was minimal and I was chided for my initial fears but allowed to wiggle free.  I had no more ties binding me.  I was here on the slim hope that I would be able to recoup what little I had lost.  That hope evaporated.  I looked around and knew that offering a warning would be pointless.  As Walter continued to speak, doubts evaporated and the reports were forgotten.  I backed away from the table, easing myself towards the back of the gathering slowly so as not to draw attention to myself.  I suspected Walter would not allow the copies of the reports to leave the room.  Getting new copies would take a while and by the time a new set arrived it would be far too late for his investors.  I had an extra copy at my house.  Should it be needed I could make them available.  For now, I thought it might be best if I made myself scarce, lest anyone remember that I was the first to see the issues and remove myself from the scheme.

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