Writing Prompt: It took time to grow accustomed to his new environs.

Morning all. As I have a dentist appointment today and no clue what it is going to end up entailing there is the possibility of today’s general writing topic being delayed. All apologies but I am going to have to play the afternoon schedule by ear today. So while I am still in charge of my schedule, let’s push forward with the morning writing prompt. Ready? Fabulous.

I think I’d have to figure out exactly what sort of animal this was before doing anything with it and I’m not really certain what sort of story it would turn out to be with th animal as the central character, but it was certainly a departure for me to write and kind of fun.

Thursday, April 29th: It took time to grow accustomed to his new environs.

It took time to grow accustomed to his new environs. At first he paced a small area, his nose gathering scents.  Things were so strange here, so different.  None of the scents he knew were present.  At first the difference disturbed him.  The familiar was gone and fear crept in. He braced for an attack, every muscle braced and ready to fight for his life if need be. 

Gradually, as no attack came, he calmed.  His muscles relaxed.  He was still alert, but he no longer thought that an attack was eminent.  In addition he began to realize that different though the scents were, they were not unpleasant.  In fact many of them were quite appealing. 

He sniffed, slowly widening his small circle, expanding his explorations.  His explorations became less timid the more he saw, the more he smelled, the more he enjoyed.  He approached a rocky outcrop and scaled to the top for a better view.  There was such an edifice where he lived but it was different from this and so he knew it was not the same piece of rock. 

His body flowed up the stone, higher than that he was accustomed to, but easily navigable nonetheless.  He reached the top.  It was somewhat flattened and gave him an area to pace, looking down on the world below.

The world, he was surprised to see, was larger than he thought.  It stretched for miles in every direction.  There was no fence to stop it, to end his world and begin the other world.  The world on the other side where he was not allowed.  He could look to the horizon and see no end to the world.  It was both exhilarating and somewhat daunting.

All around were bits of growth, some tall some short.  Some bits were clumped together, others were independent dots growing on their own.  He sniffed.  His eyes sensed movement.  There the lower branches of the bush waved.  In the stand of trees near where the scent of water drifted towards him, he sensed more movement.  Some was the wind teasing the upper branches, others were birds twittering away and moving from branch to branch in the canopy. 

There was movement below as well.  Small things that barely twitched the foliage and other larger things that made it sway with their passing.  He felt a hunger grow inside him and stealthily left his vantage point, slipping silently down the stone, his eyes trained on the lower branches waving gently.  They beckoned to him, teased him into motion and when he reached the ground he stayed low, easing his way forward lest temptation still be a trap. 

His nose picked up scents with each careful shift forward.  The scents increased his hunger.  Alert for danger, he eased into the shadows created by the trees.

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