Month Four Update on The Fifteen Minute Novel Experiment

And so April ends and we take a look at how the Fifteen Minute novel Writing Experiment of 2021 is going. In case you missed it, this year I took one fifteen minute writing prompt and each day I add another fifteen minutes worth of writing to the story expanding it as the days go past. The goal is to see if I can come up with a rough draft of a novel by writing fifteen minutes at a time each day.

The thing I most notice as I move forward is that I find myself skimming over details. For example James is currently looking over a project that his family company was involved in for the government. As I didn’t anticipate having his family company involved in his new life as anything more than a memory, I did not really look at the details of what they actually did. So when I went to look at the contracts, I sort of skimmed over the details. Now of course it is sort of important. So I will have to figure that out. I am keeping a section of notes where I list things I need to figure out or later research and this is a big one that will need to be added in a lot of sections.

If I was writing this normally, I would stop, figure this out and delay writing until I have researched some more. What i will be doing is trying to figure things out this weekend and adding copious notes to my notes section and then later going back through the editing process. This draft will be extremely rough and no doubt have plot holes you could drive a truck through.

However it is progressing as a story. I am currently sitting at a word count of 50,982 words. I expect the final manuscript will end up being a little over 100K. Which puts me close to the middle. While there will be severe editing at come point, I am actually happy with where we are in the story. The action feels suitable for the point where we are. Overall I am pretty pleased with how it is shaping up and I am looking forward to continuing it. Thus far the Fifteen Minute Novel Experiment is right on track.

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