Writing Prompt: I was tempted by many good things at once.

Good morning all and welcome to a stormy Tuesday morning. I was woken by thunder, lightning and rain and rather surprised that there was no power interruption. I’m going to hope that remains the case as this weather is set to last all day. But just in case there is a power outage later, let’s push forward now in an effort to get ahead of it. Ready for the morning prompt? Excellent. Let’s go.

I have just the story for this to go into. I’ve actually been looking for a missing piece for it and I think this, with clean ups and expansion could actually work. I love it when that happens. Good morning to me.

Tuesday, May 4th: I was tempted by many good things at once.

I was tempted by too many good things at once.  There were so many delights around me that it was overwhelming.  For a moment all I could do was turn slowly and stare as I surveyed the room.  On the table were laid out a series of bowls and platters each one looking more delectable than the last.  There were light savories and hearty bowls with delicious steam rising from them.  My nose twitched with delight and I felt like a giant bunny rabbit. 

As my survey progressed I found delicate pastries that looks so light and fluffy they threatened to lift right off the plate and float off into the air.  When I turned away from the food, other delights met me.  The suite’s furnishings were soft and luxurious.  No expense appeared to be spared.  After so many days of travel and the rough terrain we had to travel, the beds looked more inviting than my first hot meal in weeks.  Cushions begged to be sat upon and the bed fairly whispered my name.

Then of course was the bath.  It was a large square in ground bathing pool. There were tiles on the dome that arched overhead and on the walls.  Fragrant oils shimmered on the warm water and beneath its haze I say that the bool itself was tiled.  I passed on the offered bathing attendants but was certain that at least five would fit into the bathing pool with me without the space feeling over crowded.  I could practically feel my muscles unknotting themselves.  Just how many nights had I slept on the ground?  I lost count. 

From every window the views were delightful.  They were as pleasing to the sight as the rest of the suite was to the senses.  I was no fool, I knew why I was given one of the best suites in the palace.  I allowed myself a soft sigh.  When reality hit I fully expected to be relegated to to the meanest chamber available, possibly even he dungeon.

The question now was how much of their initial hospitality did I want to accept. 

“The bath, definitely,” I decided.  Clean, with the aches and the pains of travel washed away by heat, water and soap, I would be able to think and plan better.  I placed my travel bag gingerly on the tiles near the bool and opened it to bring out the one set of clean clothes I had remaining.  I kept the set especially for this moment, or one like it. 

As I readied my post bath clothing I saw that off to the side there was a rinsing station.  There I could wash off the dirt before sinking into the fragrant waters to soak.  It illuminated the need to sit in my own filth while my muscles unknotted and I eagerly took advantage of the amenity.

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