Writing Prompt: He eyed the gap in the fence.

Morning all and welcome to Friday morning. The garden is watered, the coffee is brewing and the schedule is packed. I’m hopping to check off all of my to do list and sink exhausted into a quiet weekend. To kick things off as always is the morning writing prompt. Are you ready? Good, then start those timers.

I have to say, I was kind of annoyed when the timer went off with this one. I kind of want to see where it is going to be honest. I’ll have to circle back at some point and see if I can find out the story.

Friday, May 21st: He eyed the gap in the fence.

He eyed the gap in the fence.  I could see him processing it, wondering what it could mean.  I wondered if he’d go for it.  He had never been out of the yard except on a leash and even then he was taken out of the front door and walked down the sidewalk to the local park. 

Our house backed onto a heavily wooded greenspace.  It was green and coolly shadow filled even at the height of summer.  And in our part of the green space, the edge ran into the national park.  The wild ran for ever in that direction.

He was unaccustomed to anything wilder than the well maintained park. He crept closer belly crawling over to the gap.  His nose stretched forward and he sniffed.  I stayed still.  I had the boards, nails and hammer to repair the gap by my side.  I hoped to return home and fix the fence before he was let out into the yard, but I had been delayed.  Events were unfolding faster than I could manage them. 

This morning I wanted to secure the fence before he had the chance to escape through the gap and wander into the woods.  I dreaded the long search that I would no doubt have to conduct in order to find him.  Now I wondered if it wouldn’t be for the best.  I imagined him running off into the woods and running free, or even being picked up by someone else and taken to a different home,  one that was more stable.

His nose twitched as he slowly edged forward.  It sniffed wildly but his body was reluctant to follow his questing nose and his body elongated as his nose went as close as it could while the rest of him stayed still.  His tail was down.  He appeared to find whatever secrets drifted in from the wild interesting but vaguely frightening. A sound came from within the house and the dog turned his head toward it. He saw me standing on the back porch and turned away from the gap in the fence.  He trotted over  his tag wagging so fast it was a blur and his tongue hanging out.  I smiled despite myself, always pleased to have any creature that happy to see me.

I reached for the planks, the nails already prickling me slightly as they poked through the breast pocket of my shirt.  I picked up the hammer.

“Let’s get that fence mended,” I said. 

He barked back at me, spinning in the sheer joy of my attention.  I let out a low rumbly laugh.

“You know it’s a bad bet staying here,” I told him as I walked across the yard.  He contentedly trotted at my heels as I moved to the fence.  “You’d be better of running away to join the circus,” I told him as I placed the boards on the ground by the gap. “But I suppose if you are staying, we had better make sure none of the outside beasties can get you.”

He moved to the side as I knelt down and began to nail the boards into place.  He sniffed but seemed less scared of the presence of the outside world now that I was there with him.

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