The Fifteen Minute Novel: End of Month Five Update

At this point I have been working on The Fifteen Minute Novel Experiment for five months now. For those of you just tuning in,. this year I decided to take one writing prompt and then each day, take the last sentence of that fifteen minute timed writing to continue the story. So essentially I am writing out the full story in fifteen minute increments. I started January 1st and as today is now June 1st, I have completed five months of timed writings on the same story. I am now 63,363 words into the story and it is chugging along nicely.

I know that once I am finished with it, there will need to be some heavy editing. At this point I am not going back through the story, but rather just writing it and keeping a running tally of notes with it. The thing I am noticing is that I tend to skim over detail as I do the fifteen minutes. Thus far a lot of my notes relate to adding in details that I know were missed in these timed writings. I’m fairly certain that the story meanders a bit and that even though the word count is high, there will need to be a lot of trimming when it comes time for editing.

But that is not the point. The point is to get through the entire story by only writing for fifteen minutes at a time. Just to see what happens. Over all I do like the story of James although I have no idea how it will end up turning out. But for those following along, James has now reached Day 107 in writing and has a Word Count of 63, 363. There is also a long list of details that need to be added and at least a dozen research topics I will need to delve into before I actually get into the editing.

My plan was a straightforward tale of a man starting a new life and figuring out what he could leave behind and what baggage remained with him. And then people showed up and tried to kill him. So details of his old life which I hadn’t looked into because I didn’t think they would be relevant, now are very prominent. Which was quite unexpected. but I’ll figure it out. It will probably be very hazy in this draft and only become clarified in editing, but I’ll still figure it out.

And so we continue on to Month six.

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