Writing Prompt: It was the kind of vibrant green that seemed too intense to be real.

Happy Friday everyone. I hope your week went well and that everything you planned to do went as well as you expected. And that you get to slide easily into the weekend. At the moment the world feels like it is waiting. Rain is on the way but it is a looming thing that might or might not arrive. I suspect once it does, it will stick around for a while. But at the moment it just feels like the air is holding its breath to see if the rain will arrive. It oddly enough makes me feel like I’m forgetting something. I don’t know why. Still the day must proceed. So shall we get on with the morning writing prompt? Fabulous! Let’s go.

Not quite where I thought this would go.Not bad and possibly useful as a scene, but not where i thought it would go.

Friday, July, 9th: It was the kind of vibrant green that seemed too intense to be real.

It was the kind of vibrant green that seemed too intense to be real.  Paired with the white crushed stone of the walk way and the white face of the house it looked more like a child’s drawing than an actual place.

“You are sure this is it?” John asked.  He looked again at the yard, the pathway and the house.

“Of course silly,” June replied.  She laughed and shook her head at is ridiculousness. He offered a halfhearted smile.  She strode off confidently up the gravel pathway.  He followed, almost afraid at the thought of being left behind.  As he looked around he saw that all of the other houses mimicked this one.  They had the same white columns, the same crushed stone path, winding picturesquely through the unnaturally green lawns.

The only exception was that they were slightly smaller and sat on slightly lower ground.  This house sat on a slight rise.  It was subtle but noticeable.  In the hierarchy of houses, he was on the path to meet the king.  He suspected if he was not granted an audience, the other houses would shun him as well.  It was a daunting prospect.

It also didn’t warm him to the notion of meeting the people inside.  ‘At least I’m not dating June,’ he thought as he followed her swinging ponytail.  He was just a friend who agreed to escort her to some sort of function that for some reason she could not attend alone.  He thought is was because of the required dances, but suspected there was some sort of socil scandal associated with solo attendance. 

He agreed to help her out and somehow that ended up bringing him here.  Some sort of pre event gathering was about to take place. 

“They know we aren’t dating, right?” he couldn’t help[ but ask.  June looked at him over her shoulder.

“Of course they know,” she replied.  “Things would have gotten way weird if I introduced you as my date.  You are just listed as my escort for the night.”  She stopped walking.  “It really won’t be that bad.”

“I know,” he replied.  “I just wasn’t expecting…” he waved his arm around at the world so manicured it looked like a model train town grown large. “This.”

She frowned and looked around as though confused about his point.  She clearly didn’t see what he saw.

“You grew up here, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Well yeah,” she replied still looking around in puzzlement. “Is something wrong with it?”

“No,” he said. He shook his head.  If she didn’t see it, he doubted anything he said would be of use.  “Its just a bit different from where I grew up.”

“Really?” she asked. 

“Our grass wasn’t this green,” John told her.

She smiled and laughed. “It’s Daddy’s pride and joy,” she replied.  They resumed walking up to the house.  “He had the Kentucky blue grass imported specially.  He’ll be thrilled you noticed.”

“Right,” John replied.  He looked down and saw that the white stone occasionally glimmered with flecks of mica.  The sparkle to the pathway made the walk feel a little extra surreal.  Finally they arrived on the doorstep.

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