Writing Prompt: “Does it really matter that much?”

Morning all and I hope you are ready for Thursday. I feel pretty good about what I’ve accomplished this week but still somehow feel like I am missing a day somewhere. I’m not sure where it could have gone to, but it still feels missing. Oh well, Thursday it is so I suppose it is time for the Thursday prompt. Are you ready? Fabulous, let’s begin.

That wasn’t where I expected it to go. I thought he’d move the books but I didn’t realize it would get crazy. That’s an interesting surprise.

Thursday, July 22nd: “Does it really matter that much?”

“Does it really matter that much?” she asked.

“Of course not,” he said.  He shook his head and smiled.  “It doesn’t matter at all. I just thought it looked neater, tidier. And since we are tidying up, I figured why not?”

His tone was light but his eyes kept straying to the shelf.  The books were all leather bound volumes.  Most were the same sixe but there were a few that were of a slightly taller stature.  They were mixed in with the other books.  While the façade presented a flat face, all the books in a row, the mismatched books gave a jagged skyline edge to the top of the row.  Victor studied it. 

She shrugged it off.  “We have a lot more tidying to do before everyone arrives,” she reminded him. 

“Of course. Do you want to start with the vacuum and I’ll work with the duster?” he asked.  He turned his eyes away from the shelf and looked at her.

“Sounds fair,” she said.  Then we can finish this floor quickly and get upstairs to take care of the bedrooms before I start with the needed food.”

“Right,” he said.  He picked up the duster and a can of furniture polish and turned towards the nearest table.  She left him to it and wander down into the hall.  She opened the closet and took out the ancient vacuum cleaner.  A new one wasn’t considered a necessary investment as the house didn’t have wall to wall carpets, but large area rugs.  As the rugs covered all but a thin strip of wooden floor around the perimeter Nancy thought the claim had little validity. 

“Even the hallways have runners,” she muttered to herself as she unwound the cord and plugged it in.  With a flip of the switch the machine came to life roaring like a jet engine and feeling nearly as heavy as she pushed it over the carpet. 

By the time she finished the rest of the carpeting, Victor was still not done in the front parlor. She knew he would be detailed enough to get into every nook and cranny but sometimes she wished he would just move with a bit more speed. 

She unplugged the vacuum and hooked the cord over her shoulder like a belaying rope and began hauling the machine up the stairs. 

“I’ll get the parlor just before I put the vacuum away,” she said to herself. 

Nancy successfully made it to the upper floor, plugged in the machine and began going over the hall carpet followed by each of the bedrooms.  Since the extra linens were already upstairs.  Nancy went ahead and stripped the beds, dropping the linens into the laundry drop and letting them fall down to the basement.  Then she took out the fresh sheets and remade the beds. 

“Victor just needs to dust them and then do the laundry while I make the pastries,” she thought. 

Realizing she hadn’t seen Victor, she wound the cord around the vacuum and descended with it down to the main floor.  To her surprise Victor was still in the front parlor.  He wasn’t dusting.  All of the books were hauled off the shelf and he was in the process of slowly shelving them.

“What?” she began.

“I was just going to straighten the edges so that they lined up, but then they weren’t alphabetical and there is no way to make them alphabetical without messing up the lines.”  He had a panicked look in his eyes and he gripped the book he held with white knuckled force.

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