Writing Prompt: She armed herself with a length of pipe.

Good morning one and all and welcome to Friday morning. That’s right, it is time for the last writing prompt of the work week. Are you ready for it? Good, then let’s go.

I kind of like this one. It’s like the start of a bad horror movie. Which as I don’t really write horror is kind of fun for me. I suppose it could end up being a mystery. I occasionally write mysteries. It’s too early to tell from this first fifteen, but it could be interesting to write later on.

Friday, July 23rd: She armed herself with a length of pipe.

She armed herself with a length of pipe.  Sally didn’t exactly know what was going on at the moment but waking up in a strange place wasn’t the best of starts to her day.  The fact that the strange place appeared to be a mostly abandoned building wasn’t encouraging either. 

‘At least I hope it’s abandoned.’ She thought.  Sally tested the weight of the pipe by swinging it through the air.  It was solid enough that it would serve as a decent defense and thin enough that she could get a solid grip on it.

While she was willing to admit that she wasn’t always on the side of angels, Sally knew she didn’t drink and didn’t do any sort of drugs.  She didn’t even take over the counter sleeping pills. She didn’t have any have anything against any form of intoxicants as they had often been useful tools in her line of work.  She didn’t have any my body is a temple hang ups either.  She was just too paranoid to enjoy such releases. 

No matter what the circumstances, she was always worried that no matter how quiet things seemed, as soon as she indulged, someone would try to take advantage of her weakness.

‘Which makes waking up in a strange place a little hard to explain naturally,’ she thought as she surveyed the room.  The room was large with ceilings that stretched at least fifteen feet in the air.  There were spots on the floor, rectangles placed at regular intervals.  The floor itself was a white tile, the squares slightly whiter than the surrounding tile. 

‘Desks or tables of some sort,’ she thought.  There was space for at least a hundred of them in this room.  She figured she either woke up in a former secretarial pool or a former factory.  Given the industrial look of the windows, Sally figured it was probably the latter. 

The large windows let in a lot of light, in fact it streamed in and from the angle, Sally thought it had the feel of early morning light.  At this time of year, that would be the only time it had this weighted golden quality to it.  Despite all of the windows, there was only one door.  It was clear where whoever placed her hear wanted her to go.  Before taking the hint, Sally moved to the walls.  She ran her hands over every section of wall not covered by a window. 

She moved quietly around the space, checking for any exit that might have been concealed.  There were none, at least none she could find.  Sally moved to the windows.  Placing her body against one of the strips of wall between the windows, so she was protected in case anyone wanted to take a shot at her, Sally peered out of the window’s edge.  A sea of dark trees met her sight.  They ringed the building as though it had been dropped into a fairytale forest. 

Sally edged around the room, trying to take in the outside world.  She looked for markers of any kind, signposts, glimpses of highways, anything.  There was nothing.  It was a sea of green treetops.  She guessed from the height she surveyed them that she was at least three stories up.

‘Big abandoned building,’ She thought.  She tried to mentally place where such a building could be located. As her last memory was around dinner time the night before, she knew there was a limited time to move her to this location.

‘Unless they took more than one day.’

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