The Fifteen Minute Novel: Day 146

The Fifteen Minute Novel is a novel written fifteen minutes at a time with each week day’s section starting with the sentence from the previous day. At least it is attempting to be a novel. For now I am just aiming at one continuous story, worked on for fifteen minutes each day. Started Friday January 1st, 2021 (in case you want to search for the beginning. I can’t wait to see where it ends up. It could be good, or it could be a mess. We’ll have to see. For now, here is today’s fifteen minutes.

Day 146: It wasn’t a major flash of relief, but a brief flicker deep inside him. 

It wasn’t a major flash of relief, but a brief flicker deep inside him.  “I expect that means I’m glad my old life is gone, but not entirely satisfied with the new one.” He said to himself.

James got out of bed, stretched, and managed to make it to the bathroom without tripping over any of the many obstacles. He showered the last of his sleep away and dug some clothes out of the hastily packed duffle bag from his apartment.  He didn’t recognize the duffle bag but it held his clothes inside.  He assumed Tucker, or whoever packed his apartment, brought it.

The bag seemed strange as he would have expected cardboard boxes to be grabbed and used.  “But maybe there wasn’t time.”

The bag looked like a free bag that would have been given out as a promotional item.  It was stamped with the logo of a gym.

James glanced down at his rounded belly.  It had been a while since regular exercise was part of his life.  “Too much time sitting behind a desk.  Too many late night business dinners with extra wine to make the company more appealing.”

James set the bag to the side wondering if he ought to return it to Tucker.  “I’ll ask when I get around to groceries later.”

Having dressed, James descended the stairs seeking out the kitchen.  He had no idea where his coffee grounds were let alone the filters, even though he now had an abundance of coffee mugs.

“Well coffee doesn’t go well with pizza,” he consoled himself.  The only item in his refrigerator was the pizza box, so he took it out and opened it, deciding to eat the left over pizza cold.

As he ate an idea began to glimmer in the back of his mind. ‘A gym wouldn’t be a bad idea.’

James once again looked down at himself.  On his last doctor’s visit he was advised to take more exercise and maybe shed a few pounds.  He wasn’t massively overweight, but the doctor thought the weight loss and activity would act as preventative measures for him. 

‘With high blood pressure and later mobility,’ he recalled.  He also recalled promising his doctor that he would try and then never doing so.

While James assumed that he would, if needed be sent to a different doctor, he thought the gym wasn’t a terribly bad notion. ‘It could be my excuse for bowing out of happy hour.’

James frowned.  As excuses it was a pretty weak one.  One night off from the gym wouldn’t affect much and it would just look like an excuse to get out of it.

“Unless I was training for something,” James added as he swallowed his last bite and reached for a second piece.  ‘Maybe there is a marathon or triathalon or something locally that I could think about training for.  I could easily say that my doctor advised the exercise for health and that the only way I would do it would be to have a goal.”

James nodded slowly.  It would take some research to find out what the local marathon or triathalon involved and he would have to find a gym that he could use to to train for it.

“But then I’d actually have to train for it,” James thought.  He frowned and looked first at his pizza slice and then back down at his slightly rounded belly.  “Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will have just occurred so I’ll have a year to train.”

James shrugged and finished his breakfast.  It was an idea.  Perhaps he would set it into motion, perhaps he would find a better one. 

“Either way, it’s an idea.”

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