Writing Prompt: We waited expectantly.

Good morning all. I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are revved and ready for the new week. I am quite excited about this one. I have a plan in place to get through my daily checklists and woke up feeling ready to take on the week. So without any further ado, let’s get started. Set those timers because we have fifteen minutes to write starting now!

I rather like this idea. I think it was very clunkily expressed and would need a lot of work, but I like the premise of Anna’s return amid rumors of both her leaving and in Fredrick’s court. I also like the unexpected birth. all of which give several pathways to play. It is something I will probably play with later.

Monday, July 26th: We waited expectantly.

We waited expectantly.  The excitement was palpable.  The crowd, despite its size, was on its best behavior.  No one wanted to risk being asked to leave and missing the event.  The dowager queen was returning.

Queen Anna had seen the kingdom through many trials and tribulations.  She did so with grace and intelligence.  She had been clever and subtle where subtlety was demanded, forceful and commanding when a frim voice was required.  She ruled wisely and well and when she steered the kingdom onto a level of peace and her son was old enough to take the reins, she stepped down.

She retreated into her private lands and lived a quiet life.  It was said that she retreated so that others would not turn to her, expecting her to make the decisions despite passing the crown.  She left and King Frederick ruled. 

She was praised once again for her wise decision. 

Although there were rumors, always rumors. 

Some claimed it was ill health concealed from the populace that droe her to her retreat.  That she left before he failing health could be noted as a weakness of the kingdom.  Others claimed that she was pressured to leave by those who thought her son should rule. 

While rumors swirled, none were ever addressed.  

The fact remained that Queen Anna was gone and King Frederick was now on the throne.  Now however there were different rumors.  Unease in the east and tales that all was not right in the palace. 

The Queen’s return was, officially, due to the birth of her latest grandchild.  All of the others were born before she left so that the line of succession was clear and contingency plans would be possible should the eldest be rendered unfit.  

This latest grandchild was unexpected and as Queen Anna had been present for the presentation of all of her other grand children, she was returning for the presentation of the youngest.

All along the route from her country retreat to the capitol city, crowds flocked to the street. They lined her path from the fields outside of the smaller villages all the way to the capitol, each one wanting just one look at the magnificent queen.

Rumors of ill health were dispelled and the inns where she stayed along the way basked in the remembrance of her visit, anticipating her return.  Now it was the final leg of her journey.  Now the capitol would see their former queen.  Her coach was pulled through the streets.  Two magnificent black geldings looking regal in their jingling harnesses.

Her coach rolled to a stop and the footmen leapt from the rear of the coach to assist with the disembarking.  For the visit the former queen would not be staying in the palace but staying in the dowager house a was custom. 

She disembarked and turned to face th crowd a smile upon her lips.  The cheering was loud enough to shake the dust from nearby buildings and cause the queen to laugh with delight. She was older now, but still hale, and many watching hoped that with her return, the rumors floating down from the palace would soon be addressed.

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