Writing Prompt: Butterflies hovered in the air.

Morning all. Work up a little stuffy today. we never did get the rain the air threatened, so perhaps that is it. My noses is clogged in sympathy for the blocked rain. Regardless, there are sinus pills and I shall push on with the day. So shall we get to the writing prompt? Excellent. Let’s go.

This was fun. Part of me wants to put this on another planet and part of me wants to go earth based. I think it is a story that would have to play out as i wrote it and decided. It might actually be a contender for next year’s fifteen minute novel. I don’t know yet.

Wednesday, July 28th: Butterflies hovered in the air.

Butterflies hovered in the air.  Flowers waved in the gentle breeze, their multicolored heads flashing darker and lighter colors as their lighter undersides showed more delicate hues than their upper petals. The sun was shining overhead but it’s heat was tempered by the slight mist surrounding the waterfall.  The waterfall was enormous.  We stood on the ground below and watched the water erupt over the cliff edge and plummet in bubbling froth down to the basin.

After its dramatic plunge and massive splash, the basin it feel into became a rippling pond, more inviting than dramatic, especially after our long trek up the slope.  The spray was deliciously cooling on overheated skin and I basked in it, letting the droplets coat my face and arms with the cooling spray.  I know my clothes would grow damp but as they were already soaked with sweat I didn’t see this as a concern. 

‘It might even be a benefit,’ I thought.  The water rinsing out some of the salt from my clothes.  I dimly recalled someone suggesting a cold water pre-soak before washing salt stained garments.  We were far from a laundry of any kind and I smiled at the thought.

The sound of the waterfall was deafening. It roared like a lion despite looking like a quiet idyll from a picture book.

‘Or a movie set,’ I corrected. This very much looked like a movie set. Almost too beautiful to be real.  ‘Except for the sound,’ I added.  ‘If it were a stage set then the sound would be tempered so we could hear the dialogue.’

I opened my eyes feeling refreshed from the spray and looked over to my companions.  At the best of times what they had to say was of minimal import to me.  Still for the moment I was stuck with them.  Carl, one of my least favorites of the bunch was studying the pool, a handheld gadget of some sort aimed at it’s surface.  Kyle was taking some sort of water samples and putting it into another machine of sorts. 

In theory I knew what they were doing and appreciated it.  They were testing the water for anything harmful and possibly making certain that nothing dangerous lurked under the water’s surface.  I knew it was necessary and appreciated their caution.  It did sort of ruin the moment of discovery for me.  I left them to their studies and turned away from the waterfall to study the surrounding area.  The flowers with their field of butterflies hovering over them was just as picturesque as the waterfall.  In fact at the moment it was made more beautiful by the fact that it was the start of a long stretch of flat land. 

We spent the past few days travelling up hill and down dale.  Rarely had the land been flat.  I could see in the distance, the land sloping back upward, but it would take at least a day to reach the point where the ground rose to a steepness that caused issues.  It would be a gentle rise when we walked out in the morning. 

I looked overhead and saw that while the sun was past its zenith, it was not yet high enough to signal a stop to our days hike.  I wondered if Carl would ask us to continue on, or stop to take advantage of the falls. 

‘Lord knows we could all use a bath.’

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