Writing Prompt: The celebration was long overdue.

Good morning one and all and happy Thursday. I hope your week is running exactly how you planned. Or if there are unexpected hiccups they are both fun and beneficial. Everything inside the house is fine her, everything outside the house is brown and crispy. No matter how much I water the garden leaves are limp and the ground is gasping. Which of coure, means it is almost August. As brutal as it is, this is actually expected at this time of year. Even though it isn’t happy weather, it is kind of a relief to see it. I know, in the summertime I get weather obsessed as I try to make my garden produce as much as possible. You are probably tired of hearing about it. So we shall say no more and move on to the morning writing prompt. Ready? excellent! let’s go.

What the celebration is for is going to be a question that haunts my day. I can just feel it.

Thursday, July 29th: The celebration was long overdue.

The celebration was long overdue.  It was planned when we thought events would proceed quickly.  Streamers were gathered and enough disposable dish and silverware were gathered to supply a veritable army.

There were delays.

Still enthusiasm wasn’t dimmed.  Extra supplies were gathered as people agreed the delay was only a temporary setback.  As those who could, worked diligently to bypass this new wrinkle In the plan, others used it as an opportunity to work out more details regarding the celebration.  Plans were made for trash disposal.  The dishes being brought to the feast were discussed and dispersed throughout the group so that no one person would have to cook.

Again, there were delays.

Still planning, some supplies were brought in for storage, particularly the ones that would cause some expense, like alcohol.  With the delays bottles could be purchased and put in back storage, the cost of the purchase spread out so that it didn’t need to be paid for in one lump sum.

Still, there were delays. 

The streamers were bundled up into air and water tight containers to keep the decorations free from dust and damp so that when the celebration finally arrived they would still be fresh.  The last of the nonperishable supplies were gathered.  At first they lingered, piled in corners and tucked under furniture.  It made the room look expectant and at first this kept hope alive.

But more delays pushed the date further away.

And the expectant supplies took on a sad, recriminating air. They were relocated to a locked storage room in the basement.  The rationale was that the supplies wouldn’t go wandering off before the big day occurred, their presence tempting others to dip into the stash simply because it was there.  The truth was, seeing it was depressing.

It reminded everyone of just how long the process was taking.  To remember the many delays.  To wonder how many more there would be.  Gradually the celebration was pushed to the backs of people’s minds, almost forgotten.  It was like an embarrassing secret no one wanted to admit. 

The delays continued, dragging on and on.  The bottles in the basement gathered dust and everyone tried to forget.

When the moment came, it came as a shock. Hope had become a faded and tattered thing.  When the delays were finally over, the day one, the victory was met with disbelief more than celebration.  Many needed the announcement read through several times.  Even then the announcement caused wonder, rather than celebration. It was only when the official day of enactment was announced, stamped in stone, that hope began to stir.  Was this it?  Finally?

As the act passed into law and the law became reality, old plans were revived.  The dishes, so long ago portioned out by those setting up the celebration were once more planned, one hundred home cooks ready to make their specialty for the feast.  Many of the decorations did not survive the passage of time and had to be replaced.  The bottles in the basement were hauled up and brought back into the light.  Their coating of dust lending a little something to the feeling that this was indeed a historic event.  It was a celebration, long overdue.

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