Upcoming Prompts: for the Week of August 9th- 13th, 2021

It is time now to reveal the prompts that will take center stage next week. Are you ready for the big reveal? drum roll please.


Monday, August 9th: He opened his mouth and began to sing.

Tuesday, August 10th: The ants formed a moving line across the ground.

Wednesday, August 11th: He struggled to his feet.

Thursday, August 12th: The sky was crimson and gold.

Friday, August 13th: It was my only means of escape.

Okay a little less flash bang than I wanted, but it’ll do. These are the prompts I will be working with next week. As always they are in the order I plan to write them, but you can do with them what you will. Shake up the order. Pick one or a few to do on your own. Write all of them. The choice is yours. I have them in order by date as I tend to write each one on my calendar each day so that it is the first thing that hits my to do list for the day. So they all have dates for them. In case you were wondering.

So now that they have been revealed, I am going to forget all about them so that I can come to each of them fresh on the morning I write them. I will see you back here on Monday morning with the first on the list. Until then, have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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