Writing Prompt: The ants formed a moving line across the ground.

Good morning one and all. I actually got up a few minutes before my alarm today. I know, alert the presses. My alarm did not have to drag me into consciousness. It oddly leaves me feeling strangely off balance. As though I have forgotten something. Still Awake I am, so lets get going. Ready for the morning prompt? Wiggle those fingers and stretch that brain. Its time to go.

I think I fumbled around a bit at the beginning. At first my brain thought school yard. Then I thought, no hotel. So clearly if I went back to this I would have to clean it up. Personally, I think the dioramas intrigue me the most. There is something there that could be fun to play with.

Tuesday, August 10th: The ants formed a moving line across the ground.

The ants formed a moving line across the ground.  A dotted conga line dividing the yard into two distinct sections.  It was as if they two realized the tensions and decided to end them by giving them each their own half.  Unfortunately it wouldn’t be that easy.  The division was less territorial and more mental.  Jeremy wanted it all or he wanted to see it destroyed.  There was no room for compromise.  And he would never merely share what he considered his.  In his mind it would be an affront to decency. 

The fact that in actuality none of it was his mattered very little.  Not for the first time Kevin resisted a sigh.

“We are merely trustees,” he reminded his brother when the rant against their cousins began to once again build into epic proportions.  As expected the sentence did nothing to calm tensions or ease the rant.  If anything, it enflamed it.  Jeremy started into his tirade of woes. He argued the unfairness of having to split the trustee ship of the property with their cousins who, in his opinion deserved none of it.  According to Jeremy, he did all of the work and deserved all of the spoils.  Kevin looked at his brother and lifted an eyebrow,

Jeremy sighed.  “We did the work, he corrected.  We, all right, we?”

 Kevin lowered his eyebrow pleased to be able to get that much of a concession from his brother.  Behind them workmen could be heard.  When their grandfather was removed from running the hotel by the trusteeship, there were quite a few rooms that needed to be renovated before they could be rented out.  The fact that several of the rooms were listed as being rented out had been a mystery until Kevin investigated them. 

He was, both shocked and somewhat amused to find that the rooms listed as being rented had been more or less turned into life sized dioramas.  Inside the rooms Kevin found mannequins dressed as former visitors.  The luggage and clothing fit the time frame of the visitation. 

The Johnsons came from Idaho 1953 and The Andersons Arrived from Spokane in 1991.  His favorite had been the Smiths, visiting from London in 1922.  Each family was arranged for their vacation in perfect detail.  Even the periodicals on the night stand fit the time frame and location of origin. 

Unfortunately those rooms also had pluming issues that made them uninhabitable by real people and nothing in them was technically up to code.  Many of them also had the best rooms, overlooking the most scenic views. 

As amusing as Kevin found the scenes.  They had to go.  He carefully took out the scenes his grandfather created, putting everything into storage before allowing the room to be stripped to the bones and renovated.  The renovations themselves were actually going quite well.  The water damage was expected, but as the pipes had been blocked off and the water not run since the dioramas installed, it was dry for the most part and easily removed.  The pipes in the entire building needed repair and that was slow going, but worth it. 

By the time they were through, there would be no leaking pipes in any of the rooms.  The other repairs were for the most part going well.  Kevin had the budget well in hand and even when Jeremy suggested more expensive options, he managed to find the look and quality that they wanted without spending the big ticket price.  If the battle with their cousins could calm, they would all be doing well. 

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