Upcoming Prompts for the Week of August 16th – 20th, 2021

Ah yes, we have made it thorough another week of prompts. I found a couple of story ideas worth looking into this week as well as one I might want to use for another Fifteen Minute Novel write. which is not too shabby. I hope your week of prompts was as successful, if you were writing any of them along with me. If not I hope you enjoyed reading my attempts. Are you ready to see what we will be working with next week?


Monday, August 16th: The car would not start.

Tuesday, August 17th: The land before me was densely wooded.

Wednesday, August 18th: I carried him some water to drink.

Thursday, August 19th: While I watched, two people emerged from within.

Friday, August 20th: He took a deep breath.

I personally like the look of these. Short, simple and multiple directions possible for each line. They should be fun to write. However now I am going to forget I saw them so that I can come to them fresh next week. Whether writing them yourself or just reading along, I hope you’ll join me. Have a good Friday the thirteenth.

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