Writing Prompt: He took a deep breath.

Good morning one and all and welcome to a raining and dreary Friday Morning. To quote from Dr. Seuss…“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.” Although I suppose how funny the morning prompt is depends on what you write. But it did seem like the morning for the quote. So without further ado, lets get into it.

Okay, so maybe this didn’t turn out funny. It could be interesting though. Maybe.

Friday, August 20th: He took a deep breath.

He took a deep breath.  He drew in air through his nose and let it out in a long steady stream through his mouth.  ‘I will not panic,’ he told himself. 

He repeated the process of breathing in a slow and steady motion while trying to talk himself down.

‘Sure everything that I planned and worked for could go down the drain, but I will not panic.’

Deep breath in, slow steady stream out.

‘Just because they are questioning some of the elements doesn’t mean that they will pull out of the project.’

He glanced down at the phone.  It sat innocently, a shiny rectangle on top of his desk.  It reflected the two bulbs of the overhead lights on its surface.  They looked like two eyes staring hungrily at him. He looked away. 

Dansen and Co were his main backers.  If they pulled out of the project, not only would the lack of funds cripple the plans, but the faith in the project would be shaken.  It could lead to other backers pulling out.  He could lose everything.

He felt tight bands circle his chest and start to squeeze.  The edges of his vision went dark.  His breath shallowed and no longer became a steady stream of exhale.  It wobbled and jittered as it fled his lips.  He placed his hands flat on the desk, one to either side of the phone.  He kept his gaze away from the two shining eyes, focusing instead on the pencil that lay to the side.

‘Deep breath in,’ he reminded himself.  Even his mental voice sounded shaky, but his body obeyed.  He drew in a deep breath and thought only of his breathing.  The exhalation stream steadied and his vision cleared. 

‘They are just checking a few things,’ he reminded himself. ‘They haven’t cut ties.’

His fingers twitched and He lifted his hand from the desk.  He shifted the phone to the side, and took out his laptop.  He booted the computer up.  Perhaps looking over the figures himself would steady him.  He knew they were sound.  He made certain the numbers all lined up before he even thought of looking for backers.  The project was sound. 

He pulled up the informational packet he gave to Dansen’s reps and let his eyes slowly slide down the numbers.  Profits were conservative estimates.  Costs were backed up by the market and had an extra twenty percent added to the cost in cast things went over.  He was clear about how he arrived at his figures.  He had the information at the beginning of the page and he made certain to go over it in person with the representatives. 

The plan was solid. 

He felt his nerves calm and breathing became easier.  He no longer had to remind himself to to inhale and exhale.  The panic breathing he was taught as a child to calm his nerves was no longer necessary.  He began breathing normally. 

‘Everything is solid,’ he thought.  ‘There is no reason to panic.’

Still he read through every line, feeling comforted by the solidity of his plan.  By the time he reached the end, he felt calm and back in control.  Still when the knock sounded, he jumped a little, his heart leaping into his throat at the sound of the soft tapping.

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