Writing Prompt: She spun around.

Good morning one and all. have you ever had a realization and then felt incredible stupid for not seeing it earlier? All of this week I have been feeling really draggy in the mornings but I couldn’t quite realize why. I was sleeping badly, but no worse than usual. Then this morning I realized. Normally I take the Ollie Sleep Gummies to help ease me into sleep. They work really well actually. The last time i went to the store for a reup on the bottle, I picked up the extra strength version. While they don’t put me to sleep any faster, they seem to want me to sleep a little longer to get them out of my system. I think that has been the reason mornings have been harder than usual this week. I think I will be saving the extra strength for the weekend and going back to the regular strength during the week. For today though, it is just a little extra coffee to clear the system.

So let’s see if a writing prompt can push away the feeling of stupidity for not realizing the difference arlier in the week.

This one seems like fun. It also feels like it ought to be about midway through a mystery instead of at the beginning. You know that point where separate lines start to intersect as several story lines start to converge. It might be interesting to go back and find the beginning.

Thursday, August 26th: She spun around.

She spun around.  No one was supposed to be here.  The noise came again, a soft scrape, barely audible in the normal world, but here in the echoing silence it reverberated.

She grit her teeth to keep the curse behind them.  Now was not the time to indulge.  Now was the time to hide. 

‘Quiet,’ she cautioned herself. She was certain that the footfall she overheard was meant to be stealthy. So she needed to be extra careful, especially now. 

Georgia looked around.  The room she was in was padded with thick rugs, the floorboards showing only around the edges.  The large desk dominated the room, but she knew that if anyone were to come inside, that would probably be their destination. 

Until now, it had been hers.

She let the thought slip away as she looked for a place to hide.  The room had no closets, but it did have long curtains that fell to the floor in puddles of fabric.  They were pulled now against the night.  She knew from her day time visits that the window sills were as wide as benches. 

‘The back windows,’ she decided, her feet already easing her across the floor as silently as possible.  She slid across the room while her mind was still justifying the choice.  The back windows looked out into the magnificent gardens.  At this time of night they would be empty.  The east windows faced the groundskeeper’s cottage and the housekeeper’s house and movement might be noticed.  The front windows faced the road and a car with lights could flash her silhouette into the room disclosing her hiding place. She slipped behind the heavy velvet barely making a ripple in the thick fabric. 

At first she thought it was hear heart beating wildly but then she realized that it was approaching footsteps.  The intruders, or other intruders she supposed she should call them, were either abandoning stealth for speed or they now felt confident enough in their isolation to dispense with the skullduggery.

Georgia frowned, even when she thought she was alone, she maintained her silence.  She thought less of the others for their carelessness.  She jumped slightly as she heard the metal scraping as the doorknob was turned.

“This is the office, we found it,” someone whispered harshly. It was a male voice, that was all she could tell.  They may no longer feel the need to hide their foot falls, but he still spoke in a harsh whisper as though the dark looming presence of the house around him demanded it.

Georgia held perfectly still.

“Good, this place gives me the creeps,” Another whispered voice answered him, female this time.  “Let’s just get it and get out.”

‘Odd,’ Georgia thought with a frown.  The school discouraged fraternization between the sexes and while she could think of several who violated the rules for an illicit tryst, she couldn’t think of any of them that were serious enough to partner up for something like this.  She listened, hoping to identify the voices. They didn’t speak again. 

As she expected they went straight to the desk.  There wasn’t enough time between the sound of the door opening and the sound of the desk drawers being opened for them to have looked anywhere else.  She hoped that whatever they were looking for they found quickly and got out. She still had business to complete.

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