Upcoming Prompts for the Week of August 30th – September 3rd, 2021

Another week down and next week we roll into September. It would feel more like fall if the heat were to break, but I suspect that won’t happen until October. And then it will break suddenly, I’ll realize that I haven’t done any holiday shopping and there will be a whirlwind that drops us off sometime in February. At least that is how this usually works. I’m trying to avoid that, but we’ll see how successful I am.

As fort now we have some prompts to finish out August and roll us into September. Are you ready?

Monday, August 30th: Nightfall brought new threats.

Tuesday, August 31st: The tower stretched impossibly high into the sky.

Wednesday September 1st: Sebastian was confused.

Thursday, September 2nd:The dog growled from its place under the sofa.

Friday, September 3rd: The implication was significant.

Some of those look quite interesting. But I’m not going to look too deeply at them so I can come to them fresh next week. As always you are free to write them along with me, shake up the order or even just pick one that you want to do. There have been a couple where I read the sentence and had several ideas all jam together at once in my head. I’ve always wanted to take one of those prompts and write on the same prompt for a full week, just to see what different stories came out of my head on different days. That could make for an interesting switch up. But whatever you choose, even if it is just to read along instead of writing, I’ll see you back here bright and early Monday morning to start with the first of the above list. Have a great weekend everyone.

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