Writing Prompt: Nightfall brought new threats.

Good morning and welcome to Monday morning once again. I hope everyone feels rested and ready to start the week. Personally I may be a little stuffy, but I do have my sleep sorted out, I think, and that makes me a very happy camper. So shall we begin the new week with a writing prompt? Excellent, let’s begin.

I find myself wanting to know why they are on this journey and why exactly they are. I might have to come back to this just to figure that out.

Monday, August 30th: Nightfall brought new threats.

Nightfall brought new threats.  While the sun shined, there was minimal disturbance in the forest surrounding their small party.  As the night fell, the forest began to wake.  Leaves shivered with the passing of creatures and strange calls echoed through the night. 

The pathway was clear and by unspoken consent, they continued on their way, not stopping to break camp as they originally intended.  The path was wide and they knew it had the magical protection etched into it at its construction.  It was the same with every stretch of the king’s highway. 

In the more populated areas it was believed that the highway was safe because the king enforced peace upon it.  Devik knew that the highway was actually part of the old Felwa passage and predated not only this king but the conquering of this land by his forbearers. 

It was treason to speak this truth, and had been for generations.  Long enough for it to become known as the King’s highway and its safety attributed to his efforts.  Here at the very edge of the civilized lands it was harder to remember the edict.

‘Although I think we left civilized lands several hours ago,’ Devik thought.  He wearily put one foot in front of the other.  There was no talk in their small party.  No one wanted to have their voice intrude on the sounds of the night.  The moon was high overhead and provided more than enough light to travel by.  Even though the forest was thick and wild, there was nothing overhanging the path.  Both wildlife and vegetation shunned it. 

The night progressed and even though they were tired, no one asked for a break.  Water skins were silently passed from hand to hand.  As they walked slowly the sounds around them began to quiet, to settle down.  As the forest stilled, Devik looked to the sky. 

The moon was faded and there was a lightness that heralded dawn.  A new day was nearly upon them.  Ahead the forest thinned, opening out into a wide stretch of land.  Their party moved forward, they were too tired to move faster at this point, but there was a lightening of their hearts as they plodded forward.  They were almost through the forest.  

As dawn touched the horizon, the trail wound its way out of the forest, the trees becoming thinner and more sparse as the ground became rockier.  The land began to slope gently upwards.  By now Devik’s feet were nearly numb from exhaustion and he knew the others suffered as well.  Still no one made a sound and no one stopped moving.  Even as the land spread out, they stayed on the path.  The trees gave out entirely and they continued forward.  The land around them grew brighter and as they crested the first hill, they saw it. 

The waystation was small and disused.  It looked as though it had been abandoned for generations.  Still it stood.  It’s sturdy stone walls and slate roof enchanted to defend against decay.  Their rest was in sight.  Enchanted like the rest of the road, it would provide a safe place to rest.

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