Writing Prompt: The tower stretched impossibly high into the sky.

Good morning and welcome to a rainy Tuesday. That’s right the tropical depression has arrived. And that’s official, not a personal belief due to the cloud cover. Admittedly the cloud cover does make me want to crawl back into bed, but that is a personal feeling. I firmly believe that if you are going to call it day then the sun should get up before I do. But I doubt there will be sun for the next few days, and I am certainly not sleeping for the next forty-eight hours. So on with the morning prompt. Are you ready? Good. Timers on and let’s begin.

You know I always love when my prompts twist into fantasy. Those are the stories I really like to write. So I am happy to see it here.

Tuesday, August 31st: The tower stretched impossibly high into the sky.

The tower stretched impossibly high into the sky. I stood on the ship looking up. Even at a distance I could not see the top.  It seemed that clouds formed a ring around it obscuring it’s top.  I wondered if that was by design or some trick of the island atmosphere.  Tearing my eyes away from the tower I looked around at the rest of the island.

It had mountains in the distance, their tops obscured by cloud cover as well.  We had been at anchor for three days and had yet to see the island fully revealed.  The clouds were there in the morning, Rain arrived midafternoon and then tapered off as the afternoon wore on.  The clouds thinned for a short while after the rain but were soon still plumped to fullness as the sun evaporated the rain back into the sky.

Our three days at anchor weren’t idle waiting but a gage of the weather patterns and an attempt to figure out the best way to reach the tower.

It rose in the center of the island, nestled between two mountains.  There were other buildings at its base.  I had seen that with my spyglass as I studied the land.   The tower wasn’t a stand alone affair but part of a building complex.  Although what it was doing here remained a mystery.

‘In pat anyway.’

If the rumors were true then this was the tower of the most legendary wizard our world ever produced.  Our legends said that he retreated into mist.  I looked at the island.  Clouds weren’t mist, but I could see how that part of the legend developed.

“He certainly wasn’t hiding though,” I muttered to myself.  The island may have been small and hard to reach, but the building matched no other in the landscape of the main land or any of the other islands.

As always there was no movement around the tower that I could detect.  The place looked abandoned. There had been much debate as to our arrival time.  Should we attempt to reach the tower before the mid morning rains or wait until the rains dissipated to try the trail.  Personally I doubted it mattered but let the others debate.  When it was clear that the others were using the debate as a delaying tactic, hoping that he would scrap the mission and simply leave without any of them having to treck inland to the tower, I decided the delay was over.

“Right,” I said.  “All that’s coming, with me.”

I turned away from the railings and picked up my small bag of provisions.  The trail leading from shore to tower was well defined and looked as though there and back could easily be accomplished in a day, but I wasn’t entirely certain.  If anything the provisions would allow each of us a mid day meal that took nothing from the resources of the wizard’s retreat.  While I didn’t think that every piece of fruit on the island was magically poisoned, I didn’t knew the wizard and was uncertain wheter he would consider such an appropriation theft or not. 

‘For all I know he regards the forest as his private garden.’

As we boarded the launch and made for shore, I felt my own nerves rise.  I questioned my actions and the wisdom of invading the wizards private sanctuary, but I had my mission and could see no other course.  The nerves, I realized as we made landfall and the launch was tugged above the water mark, wasn’t entirely due to the mission.  In the three days we were in sight of the island, not a single person had been spotted.

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