Writing Prompt: Sebastian was confused.

Morning all. Running a little behind today. Oddly enough I work up well. The computer didn’t. I’m not sure that is quite the change I want to encourage, but today it is what it is. So without further ado, lets dive into the morning promt.

I like this one. No sure where it is going, but I like it.

Wednesday September 1st: Sebastian was confused.

Sebastian was confused.  He held the letter in his hand.  The seal was there.  He held the page up to the light.  The official watermark was imbedded in the paper.  He flipped the envelope over and stared at it.  The letter was from the official office and it was most definitely addressed to him. 

Confident that the letter was at least legitimate, or a forgery too good for him to doubt its authenticity, he once again read over the words.  For all of the pompous official-ness of the letter, the words were simple.  In three days’ time he was to report to the head office. The time and date were clearly written out.  There could be no mistaking it for any other. 

He frowned.  Sebastian received letters like this before.  Many times in fact.  But he was retired now. And had been for five years.

‘I shouldn’t be receiving any sort of letter from them.’

Still the letter was here.  In a daze he turned and walked out of the foyer. He had been planning a quiet afternoon.  Sitting and reading in his favorite chair.  In deference to the weather outside he made himself a nice cup of hot cocoa.  It was still sitting untouched on the side table.  The shiny protective cover of the library book he most recently borrowed sitting on the table next to it.  He placed them both on the table and was about to settle himself into the chair when the letter arrived.

It was an odd time for mail and even five years retired, he couldn’t let the oddness sit lest it herald something best dealt with quickly. A lifetime’s habit was hard to break.  So he left the book and the cocoa and retrieved the letter.

The scent of the sweet treat stained the air.  It wasn’t as potent as before and he knew that it cooled while he stood in the hall.  He was certain it would still be warm enough to enjoy, but instead of going back for it, Sebastian turned and headed up the stairs.

He knew many of those he worked with kept reminders of their time out on display.  They kept mementos where they could see them every day and be reminded of what they once were.  He wanted nothing more than to let that part of his life fade away.  He performed his mandatory service to the best of his abilities.  He had scars that would never truly fade from that tim.  Some he say daily when he showered, others snuck out of the back of his mind in the quiet times, paining him in ways that nothing could touch. 

There were remnants of course.  Things that didn’t get carried on his body.  Those he tucked away in the closet of his spare room.  It was there that he aimed his steps now.  It was the smallest room in the house.  He was certain it was designed for a small child.  Anyone over the age of five would probably find the space confining.  When he bought the house he was told it would make a nice home office or a hobby room.  The realtor looked him over and decided he didn’t look like the hobby sort and then suggested storage. 

In the last five years, he placed items in the closet, walked out of the room and shut the door.  It hadn’t been reopened since.  He reached the door and before he could think too much about it, he opened the door.  The room was stale and warm.  Sun shone through the one window causing the dust to sparkle like glitter.  He moved to the closet in two quick strides.  He opened the closet door.  There were four boxes stacked on the floor of the closet and a heavy garment bag hanging on the bar.  He retrieved the garment bag, closet the closet door and left the room.  His instructions were explicit.  When he arrived, he needed to be wearing his field uniform.

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