Writing Prompt: The implication was significant.

Running late today. But back on track now. Ready to start Friday? Good. Let’s begin.

Friday, September 3rd: The implication was significant.

The implication was significant. “If what you are saying is true…” Savem began.  His voice trailed off as he thought it through.  For months now they had been working with the same list of knowns. 

The enemy arrived in ships from the south.

They attacked.

The departed once again heading south.

These were known facts. Therefore everyone attempting to locate the enemy stronghold was looking to the south.  The fact that there were no known settlements in that direction was irrelevant.  That the Kingdom of Kartol bordered a vast desert which no one had ever been able to cross was no real factor.  That they hadn’t been able to cross it, thus turning the Great Drelon Desert into something more often referred to as The Endless Sands, didn’t mean someone else hadn’t figured out a way to cross it.

Clearly at some point the Endless Sands ended and on the other side the enemy lived. How they managed to cross it only mattered in that it was now necessary to replicate their feat in reverse if Kartol was to bring the fight to the enemy instead of existing under constant threat from attack.  Their defenses were weakening and they knew that soon the repeated attacks would have the desired effect.  Their defenses would  crumble under the assault and the mighty city would fall.

All of their efforts had gone into finding a way across the desert before the enemy could break through their defenses.  But now it seemed their assumptions were incorrect.

The enemy didn’t come from the south.  Exactly.  The regent, in an attempt to follow the enemy set up posts as far into the desert as possible.  They were hidden spots developed over months. They were a relay system of watchers.  The plan was to slowly extend their reach secretly and hopefully observe more of their enemy’s passing, learning of their survival mechanisms.  The watches were in place before the last battle.  The enemy arrived from further south than the hidden watching stations and say the troops march by.  They remained hidden, knowing the destruction the army wound wreak on the city defenses but knew their job was to remain hidden and wait.

Wait they did and when the army retreated, they watched.  As they passed the last watcher, he crept from his hideout, determined to follow as long as he could.  He wasn’t certain how long that would be but he was determined to do his best.  It turned out, the distance wasn’t great.  One or two further watching posts would have brought them to the staging area.  The Regent’s watchman performed his duty and saw with some horror that it was a mere guard post.  As he watched the guards stepped aside and one of the generals marched forward.  He held his hand up and the air rippled, then tore, revealing a different place.  He stepped to the side and the army marched through. 

The general followed after the guards entered and closed the hole from the other side.  Nothing but the footprints in the sand showed that anyone had been there.  The wind quickly erased the prints.  By then the watcher was already racing back to the next in line, relaying the information until it finally came to him.

He looked at his team.  “This changes everything.”

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