Writing Prompt: He diversified his wares.

Morning all, I hope your week is going well. It seems astounding that we are all the way to Thursday already. It is the benefit f the shorter week I suppose. It looks like it is shaping up to be a pretty nice day here. Cooler than it has been and we might actually get a little sun. I might actually get to have my coffee on the back porch this morning before the heat really kicks back in. Because let’s face it, cooler isn’t really that much cooler. But before that happens, it is time for the morning writing prompt. Are you ready? Good, me too. So let those timer’s go and let’s begin.

I sense a conflict between Colin and Frank looming. I just didn’t reach it before time ran out.

Thursday, September 9th: He diversified his wares.

He diversified his wares.  Colin liked to keep extra on hand as a rule, but on  buying trip he often came across things that had never been seen in their region before.  His buying trips often took him far afield and given the size of his shop, he was willing to try a few experimental items in his shop just to see if they sold.  He kept a file of business cards listing the information from the original seller in the hopes that the item would become popular and he would need to re order.

In truth, the part he enjoyed were the demonstrations.  Upon arriving home he brought not only the requested and needed items and his new diversified purchases, but the knowledge of how to put them to good use.  While his brothers would shake their heads at some of his items and call them foolishness, Colin saw the books. 

In the days following his return people would drop by to see the new and strange things Colin brought back with him.  Often they would point to the unknown item and ask what it was and how it was used.  Colin was always happy to demonstrate what he learned. The performance was watched and regardless of what they thought of his strange new item, they would leave the store often having purchased more than they anticipated upon their arrival. 

Whenever his less experimentally inclined brother Frank complained, Colin always pointed to the books.  The week after his return profits soared.  And despite some of their initial oddity, many of the strange items he brought back became, in time, standard goods for their store.  As they were then the only place these items could be purchased people came to purchase them, often picking up their more traditional items while they were here rather than going to another store for those.

Colin was never certain which part of the process made him happier.  The traveling and finding new items, the demonstrations he gave, or when the item turned out to be something the community latched on to as useful and it became part of their standard stock. All of it gave him thrills.

In his pettier moments, Colin was forced to admit that annoying his traditionally minded brother Frank was also part of his own amusement.  If left to his own devices, Colin knew Frank would stock the store with only the basics and clear out everything else.  If it wasn’t a staple that had been used in their little corner of the world for generations then Frank simply didn’t see the need for it. 

It was how Frank approached his life and one of the reasons that he and Colin never really got along.  As children most household conflicts involved their two opposite personalities clashing.  It was only as adults who lived in separate houses and only worked together that they approached anything remotely like a calm relationship.  And even then it was often best to keep them working in different sections of the store with the rest of the family as a buffer in-between.  Colin may have enjoyed the petty thrill of watching Frank’s distaste for the newer items added to the shelves, but Frank’s anger was deeper and grudges were long held.

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