Upcoming Prompts for the week of September 13th – 17th, 2021

Can you believe next week starts mid-September? September is always one of those months that just sort of blurs by me. I think that so much starts, plus you have the Labor day weekend at the start of the month, but by the time I recover from being off balance from the four day week, it’s mid month and it is a month with only thirty days in it. It is just a short month that crams a whole lot into it. So as we fly by, we have five new prompts for mid-month. Are you ready?

Monday, September 13th: He pleaded for mercy.

Tuesday, September 14th: I don’t understand.

Wednesday, September 15th: Bernard forgot one minor detail.

Thursday, September 16th: His face was filled with such joy.

Friday, September 17th: The window cracked.

we have a lot of little, short, choppy sentences next week. I love those as you can take them virtually anywhere. I love writing on those in a group as you can really see how different people’s brains work. Almost no one goes in the same direction as anyone else. With the longer sentences you can see the group head off into the same direction to start and then watch them branch off, but those short ones just explode in all directions right at the gate.

But now I am going to forget those sentences and pretend they don’t exist until I pull them up one by one next week. I hope you have a fantastic Friday and an awaesome weekend. See you Monday.

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