Upcoming Prompts for the week of September 20th – 24th, 2021

Ah yes the end of another week of prompts has arrived. Personally I think I like the one I wrote today most of all this week. It is one of those that I could very much see myself continuing. I have it marked for expansion actually. Perhaps it will end up being a fifteen minute novel, perhaps I will break it out for something else. But I suspect i will go back to it.

Still this post isn’t about looking back is it? It’s about looking forward. So let’s do that.

Next week’s prompts:

Monday, September 20th: The storm was swiftly approaching.

Tuesday, September 21st: He turned left at the crossroads.

 Wednesday, September 22nd: The recording left little doubt.

Thursday, September 23rd: The last piece clicked into place.

Friday, September 24th: It had been weeks since they last saw rain.

Oh I think I might like those. The sentences have just enough information to get you started, but not enough to steer the start completely. Those are always the most fun. As always you are welcome to do as many or as few of them as you would like. You can write them in the order I am writing them or shake it up completely.

My order is mostly random as well. I picked them out at random and lined them up on the calendar, assigning them days. So there is no underlying order you will mess up if you switch them around. But as for me, I am going to forget I saw these until it comes time to write on each one. I like to come to them fresh. So with that, I will let you go and see you back here bright and early Monday morning for the first of the prompts. Have a great weekend.

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