Writing Prompt: The storm was swiftly approaching.

Good morning all. Ready to get this week started with a prompt? Personally my brain is still a bit fuzzed out from sleep and the low clouds and heavy rain filled air aren’t helping so I am hoping the prompt will wake up my brain. So timers set. Fingers poised above key board or pens poised above notebooks. And lets kick this week off right. Begin!

Oh that took an interesting turn for me. Lots of things to explore in this one. I kind of like it. It was actually more than I expected on a Monday. So I’m pleased.

Monday, September 20th: The storm was swiftly approaching.

The storm was swiftly approaching.  Thick black clouds were being shoved across the expanse of sky by a high swift wind.  The open expanse above was quickly shrinking, the bright sun disappearing and the world filling with shadows. 

Storm season was always feared in the uplands.  That first storm approaching made even the most stalwart quake.  Hade enough been gathered in to last through the storm season?  Had the fences been secured deeply enough?  Were supplies ready for all necessary emergency repairs? 

It didn’t matter how carefully you patched and mended the rest of the year, the storm season always brought  damage.  Sometime when the winds were high and the rain sheeting down , roof tiles would detach and someone would need to be sent up to perform urgent repairs. 

If possible people would work in teams, the strength and swiftness of the team ensuring the safety of all.  Where people lived alone, they still risked being outside when the need was great. 

This storm season was early.  Mathias stared up at the sky.  His crops were good this year and the harvest went as easy as it ever had.  His boys were grown enough to work like men, but not yet grown enough to have left to establish their own farmsteads. Their buildings were secure. 

He was secure enough in their safety, that he sent the boys around to some of those in the district that he knew would be struggling.  The extra work was appreciated and taken as the community looking out for their own.  Widow Farcano would not worry over her roof in the initial storms.  Old Mr. Talsto had his crops in even though extra hands had been scarce this year. 

Mathias and those neighbors nearest him were all settled.  His boys returned and as the storm clouds approached, they made a pass through their lands one last time, riding the bounds, making sure every stray beast was rounded up and that nothing that could be damaged was left lying around.  Now his sons too had been gathered in the house.

Mathias heard the sigh of the floorboards as one of his boys stepped onto the porch to join him.  He looked over and smiled as he saw his eldest.  Nearly fully grown, Mathias knew he would lose him to his own farmstead soon.  

‘Possibly,’ he amended. 

The law held that a man needed to wed before he struck out on his own.  Until then he remained a part of his parent’s house, regardless of age.  Thomasin had been courting the Revost girl and they made a pleasant match.  He future looked decided and Mathias started searching out land suitable for his eldest.

Tragedy took the girl and the union was not to be.  That had been two years ago and although Mathias could see his son’s grief abated, none of the other girl’s managed to catch his interest. He promised his wife that this storm season, he would talk to the boy about it.

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